Ready to top? Should I top autos at all?

Of course you can ask me auto stuff as well, I spent a little time on autoflower net but so many of them are in soil and personally I didn’t like the community but that’s just me… I bet there is more to that community then I realize however after being here it’s hard to go anyone where else.

Here is understanding a FIM.

Real world

Here is my fim video, leave 20% of the leaf past the stem (viens part) I mis spoke in the video.
I’ll do another one eventually


Ok I noticed what I did wrong the second I had finished and thought to myself I’m pretty sure I just topped them. Thanks for the video I get it crystal clear now absolutely no stem damage or cutting at all only the uppermost growth. In your experience does it always ensure 4 colas to the 2 you get from topping? Also if you wouldn’t mind I’m pretty sure I need to give them some cal mag checked for parasites and I definitely don’t under or over water them. I know the tips are light burn I moved my lights further up should I give them some darkness maybe 4 or 2 hours? Last time I was 18 on 6 off but it’s in the 20s here for the next month at least I’m worried about them getting too cold maybe I could put a space heater in there and give them some relief from the 24 hour light?

what gallon pots do you suggest I’m using 3.5 gallons and had to resort to using my potato bags for the last two which are like definitely too big I think like 10 gallon equivalent. I assume the 3.5 gallon pots are limiting my height and width with root locking in a smaller container.

5 gallon containers are popular. It just depends on what your goal is. Some use 3 gallon. Based on what you’ve said, I think 5’s are what you are looking for.

Yeah your understanding the FIM, better luck next time no sweat.
It always produces 4, some take a bit longer to produce those 4 and in doing thst grow the other big so you get more than 4 somtiems it seems although its just the sides getting bigger. So yes always 4 if done right.

5 gallon is my choice like @LandShark said, 3g will produce a smaller plant that will finish faster from my understanding but again I’ve only ever grown in 5 gallon.
There are a couple variables at play here though and understand how root mass + nutrients in soil less vs soil is all Important. That all being said I like to grow larger autos and I grow in 5 gallon pots, I also prefer coco as soil ends up being fed anyways so I think soil in cannabis is pointless unless grown in the ground outside with ammeneded soil in a good environment.

Be sure to take pictures with grow lights off to be able to properly diagnose plant health.

Stick to a 20/4 Durring that 4 try to ensure full darkness, put any led lights off inside the tent and no light leaks etc.


I can definitely vouch for that! I am new to online communities in general. I did some poking around elsewhere and could not believe, one the language, and two the constant bickering of who is right and who is a the dumbest. I am so fortunate to have found this community for my first grow. It is a pleasure to just read and learn what you are all doing and capable of doing! :+1:


You grow entirely in coco no soil or you grow using hydroponics? I’m thinking about dabbling in hydroponics but I have heard it’s a pain. Also what might be wrong with this girl she’s looking worse for wear.

I run coco and perlite, it’s basically a stepping stone to hydro but I won’t go hydro because my system is so slick and low maintenance


Any chance I could get a peek at your setup? I want to alter mine it’s basic as shit right now I want to water from the bottom so I can set up a trellis net. On a side note did I FIM these two correctly?

another side note I finally tested my ph it’s slightly above 8 I assume that is what’s causing my yellowing and curling on the really thin sickly looking girl.