Ready to startup

Hey guys,

I’ve got a 630w CMH light (2×315w And can run one at a time if required). My seeds have just arrived so I’m ready to get cracking!
I’d like to know if this light is suitable for germinating and also the time to have them under lights.

I suggest you get 5400k + cfl for seedlings then when they have 5-6 sets of leaves then bring out your cmh and just run 315w until you are ready to flower then bust out 630


Alright thanks I’ll look into purchasing one. How long should I have them under light and at what height?

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I run a true 55w 5400k cfl a couple inches. Then my 315w 3000k cmh about 24-28" during vegg. During flower, once stretch is over I lower light down as far as possible. Right now it’s about 16" above my flowering wwa. I don’t have the 630w. You will have to ask @Hogmaster or @Countryboyjvd1971 for 630 height

We are on light movers so we get really close other wise use your hand see if it’s to hot for your hand but 16-20 inches I would say