Ready to start a small grow first time

Sure. And check ppms of runoff. Heck id half the half of veg and half the half of bloom

But they’ve been fine with the 12 ml of veg I’ve been giving them.

Here is an example.
I was just looking up all the major brands and they show a “transition” period because Durring the stretch you will still need N

Some awesome looking plants, DankGunslinger. Strain?

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You make sense to me and have just changed my feeding habits lol


Front left blueberry muffin right strawberry og back green crack. @FlxerPower


Worried about them doing the H word.

Your pretty anxious about it dank, nothing you can do man just watch em daily.

Im growing 2 plants from unknown bag seed they very well might herm to and I didn’t think about it till this week…

Worrying ain’t gonna change the outcome man.
Have a drink or a smoke or a cookie and go distract yourself

@Gremmall idk seemed like common sense to me but I grow in soil lol


Yeah I hear ha is what it is. They look banging now we will see. Thx for all the friends sharing this journey with me. I gave them a snack there was a touch of pk in it.


Instead of keeping a plant in veg using 16, 18, 20 or 24 hours of light, some people would like to use less lighting to keep the plant in veg (12.5 - 13 hours) and for those people the gas lantern is the answer.

So for the gas lantern lighting schedule, this is all I do: I take a 12/12 lighting schedule and add 30 minutes of light right in the middle of the dark period.

So it looks like this

8am-8pm lights on
8pm-2am lights off
2am-230am lights on (this it the gas lantern)
230am-8am lights off

I’ve never had one plant hermie on doing this


Seems complicated for no reason…

Autos 20/4, if trying to save power 18/6

Photos 18/6 or 12/12…

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hermaphroditism! Wow did you know the spelling of the word? …honestly lol😒

I tried the 6/2 just to see what it did. They seemed very healthy during veg. Might do 18/6 next time I wasnt doing it for heat. Heat is a non issue year around in my room.


I’ll give you that experiments are fun and that’s what this is all about!

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Actually it’s super simple.

You always stay on 12/12 timing, except veg adds 30 minutes.


But don’t you also have the lights come on or off middle of the light cycle…



Digital timers are obviously a must

It’s just a simple way to save a little money…I understand it’s not for everybody


Idk I like my manual ones that are cheap.

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I use manual timers dont need digital to set up the different schedule. 12 pegs down and 4 up is 6/2.


That was yesterday gonna probably give them a drink tonight. I been working my light intensity up little by little.

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