Ready to start a small grow first time

I’m using a HLG-135 for th 2x2 and a HLG -300 for the 3x3. The y are working great and the ladies love them.


Gonna use coco

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I have to chime in here.

What about a 2X4 verses the 3X3?

The 3X3 is bigger, but for plant placement and such, does the 3X3 offer a better flowering habitat?

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Hey interested in building a board any links or parts list/website? I’m skilled in the trades I want to spend 200 gonna do the 32x32 tent. Thx


I like square space better than rectangular, its more flexible to different growing methods. Otherwise 1 square foot, not that big of a difference.


Good place to start, then look at customizing for your space.


I would agree with a square space, i like my 2x4 as i can close my closet door in the office and shut the fan off when guests are over but if i had the option i would go 4x4. 3x3 is enough space for 2 plants for sure, you can use a low stress training “screen of green” method and fill that space.

If you have the ability to go square do it.
Do DIY lights if you have the ability (its not that hard just sourcing the aluminum can be an issue that us Canadians seem to have even though we have a ton of it).
@dbrn32 is the local light Guru, as he said 3000 or 3500k lights.
To answer your question the 4K and 5k lights are more for vegetative growth. 2700-3.5k flower 4K-6.4k vegetative growth (generally speaking its more complex than this but start to finish you want 3 or 3.5k)
If you want to go coco side of things i would suggest Promix HP as your base and definitely Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect, the company is west coast Canadian and has designed nutes that for cannabis and its quality stuff that comes pre PH’d correctly, also comes in organic or non organic.

Don’t spend any money on junk, it ends up costing you more ask everyone here what they think about something BEFORE you spend the money.
Your going to want a quality PH pen and a decent TDS meter, dont get anything cheaper then the ph20 Ph Pen. Don’t buy any lights of amazon they aren’t worth the price in the long run.
Get some solo cups, smart/fabric pots (if your running photos go from solo cups to 3gallon pots then to 5gallons at a minimum, if your running autos go solos to 5gallons at a minimum)
Get a large cool mist humidifier if you dont live somewhere that the humidity is high.
Run 6inch filter and fan at a minimum not 4’s.
Get a temperature / humidity reader for inside the tent.
Build an intake filter out of a tube (aluminum vent or PVC) and cover it with a dollar store pantyhose.
Buy a tall tent, they can be hard to find but you want one 6.5ft tall, after you put your pots, drainage, plant, lights, filter your going to be glad you have the height.
You’ll need a light timer, just get a cheap manual one for now.
Avoid the hose clamps to connect your fan and filter and just get some vent tape so much easier and a better seal.
Your going to want read and look around some nice drainage designers out there and some nice screen of greens or “SCOG” systems out there.
PH your tap water asap and find out if you need PH up or PH down, also it would be smart to take your local tap water and send it to a lab to test it for heavy metals to know that your smoking and drinking safe water otherwise you may have to fix that issue.


I have a 32” x 32” x 63” tent with two plants and can grow several dif ways with my set up. I grow in coco and have grown one plant that took six months that produces about 9 oz and now I’m on my second grow with two plants which I hoping for more. I scrog which to me is the only way to go to get the most bang for your buck.

I’m running a QB light which I feel sure most will tell you is the only way to go. Not to say you won’t have a good grow with the blurple lights. I think you have a better grow with the QB lights.
So many folks on here to help you decide. Good luck with whatever you decide.


hey thx guys. The dude at the local shop told me to go two 65 watt 4ks(same price as 3k)? I see you guys said not to. So im kinda on the fence on that. Should I use prepaid cards to order online? Thx again for all the tips and help. I just dont want to regret my purchases.

65w 4K? Of what, CFL, LED true?

Maybe he was meaning you can start growing your plants with 55w 4K cfl’s … but thats only going to help you veg them for a bit.

Anyways as that info stands, i would strongly recommend against that unless you want to grow some mini lettus

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samsung led two of them at 65w

I trust what you guys said I’ll just get two at 3k

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Good call, lighting is actually super complex and you can save yourself months of research and multiple different types of purchases. By just going with what is tried and true.

Don’t worry lots more to get super complicated in and decide lol.
Like what grow medium, and what nutrients to use.


yeah nutrients are the next That place had a plethora of brands. What about pots? Im doing an ac infinity 6 inch fan and filter.

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@DankGunslinger that fan and filter will serve you well. That is next on my list to buy. Soft pots are the way to go imo. I’m sure you can here a variety of opinions on here. Ones not necessary better than the other, but, one might be better for you than another, it’s just what you adapt to. I think the medium seem to dry better out with the soft pots instead of staying wet which is why I like it.

I use the General Hydroponic trio & calmag, along with some Epson salt.
I grow in coco/perlite and despite the minor setback that I’ve had this grow, I love it.

Right now I have two four gal soft pots only because I thought this would be a shorter grow. I should have used two 5 gal pots, but that’s ok, we live and learn. If I continue growing two plants it will always be two 5’s instead of 4’s. If I do one plant, it will be a 7 gal soft pot.

I also have a 32’ x 32’ x 63’, so I have to maximize my space. This is my current set up.


2-11-19 one month later.

I can assure you, this is not the only way and maybe the best way to grow but it’s working for me.
Go through some journals and you can get dif. ideas of ways to grow, med, pots, lights…etc…

As one guy puts it, “It’s a weed”. It will grow no matter how you grow it. So many dif ways…

Good luck with whatever you decide. Just know you have, literally, a world of folks here to help in any way we can. Sorry for the long post, just trying to give you some ideas. :sunglasses:


what size light is that? And yes I realised the ac infinity seems to be worth the little bit extra.


I have a 2’ x 2’ piece of aluminum $25.00
hlg-185h-c700a driver attached to it $48.00
14 BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3 lights strips $97.00
I bought enough material to do 3 more just like it. There are a few other things but just minor stuff… connectors…etc…
@dbrn32 is and always be the man!! :joy::joy::+1::sunglasses: I think everybody that has been helped from him should donate an oz of weed to him… You might not have to ever grow again if they did that right?? Trying to help you out db…lol




Great job on the light! If I decide to step up to a 4x4 I’m going to build my own.


Send it on over haha