Ready to run just ph water?

She looks ready for me. My first Blue dream auto. I want to make sure I am not too early.

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How long has she been in flower?

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Awful lot of white pistils. Would have 3-4 weeks left for my taste.

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She is an auto flower. Has been 11 weeks total since germination.

How long since you first noticed flower?

Roughly 4-5 weeks ago.

You’ve got 3-4 weeks. I top dress once a month and just use plain water all the time. If you are planning on flushing, feed them for a few more weeks and then switch to plain water.

Plant looks real nice…

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Sweet thank you. I did a ph feed today. Will go back to nutrients for a few more weeks then finish her up at 4 weeks from today. Thank you!

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Looks good, great job. You may want to wait longer, first time grower about ready to harvest, 12 weeks 90 days from sprout, Monday, Im just now checking tricomes. When they look for more like this your close. get a digital microscope 30 bucks Amazon then you can really see

Agreed. Looks like she has a ton of bud growing left to do…im about 3 weeks ahead of you and i still have a lot if fresh white pistils. This is my first grow, but from what i understand, those white pistils will start drying up and i can see that on some of my offshoots. Weeks 6+ is when they really start fattening up.

Thank you all for the input. I’ll keep her going.

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She looks really good by the way.

I just posted this today and she just started week 7, but it can serve as a reference, minus the canoeing and burnt tips lol

(1st pic in thread)

Nice so I could have some significant time to go before harvest. I do love this site. Have learned a lot from it so far. I have 3 gorilla glue autos sitting in the dark waiting to sprout for me now. I am definitely hooked.


Agreed. Its an incredible site.

From what ive read, it is very rare for a plant to finish before 8 weeks of flowering, and often will go longer. It also depends on the effect youre looking for…peak potency is when all the trichomes have a cloudy head, and some have turned amber, but if you want a more chill and relax effect then you wait for more amber trichome heads.

Have a feeling the first few grows are all about finding your style.

I am just happy to have made it to this point with my first attempt. She looks pretty amazing right now. Just have to make it through the next few weeks. Then survive the harvest and cure.


Yep put the scissors away. Read the pistils first. Brown & receding - then look at the trichomes. Use a good jewelers loupe (honestly I can’t see squat with them, a magnifier or what I use - a USB scope
I can’t help myself. I love trich pics

Buds looked like this


That’s some beautiful bud right there. I’ll keep her going for more time. I use a sub scope that connects to WiFi. I just need to get a little better at using it and knowing what I am looking for.

The main thing with the scopes, because of their high magnification, is to be able to keep perfectly still. I use a camera tripod or a fixed stand.
You are going to have some very nice buds. They look great now and will only thicken and fill out the next couple of weeks.
This bud is on day 56 of 12/12 light schedule. It is a clone and its mother was cut on day 80.

I will get the scope out in two weeks to see if I should prep her for harvest


Sweet mine came with a little stand. I will have to look into a tripod to help steady myself. I think you are absolutely correct

The screw fittings were the same so I kept it simple on myself
Some also use I microphone stand. If you search this forum will find people using them.