Ready to harvest yet?

A friends autoflower. She said it doesn’t appear to have amber trichomes yet. But looking at those lil brown leaves I’m wondering if it’s ready to harvest.
What you think ?

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i’m on my first grow so no expert here by any stretch. my understanding is that you want the trichomes to have around 25% amber to them. of course, personal taste has to be your guideline. supposedly a 25% amber will give you a more mellow high and less amber is gonna give you more of a rushed high if that makes sense. i’m sure others will jump in though.

This should help you

She answered the question for you

It is an absolutely beautiful bud though

Not that I have experience in it by the sound of it, just cloudy trichomes sounds fun to me

In any case to actually make a call I’d need close up clear picture of trichomes to judge

She said they appear to be cloudy, just not amber yet.
Anything she can do to get them to amber?

Just give em some time like a week or so but cant really tell unless we see picture

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I gotta?
I have wat I think is a white window?
About 11-12ft one of em started dropping seeds. There all outside the hairs aren’t changing the tricones are mostly clear???
Should I get it down or this late in the game just let it roll. Central ok.
Ty folks!!

I’d take it down personally

Ok, ty. I’m thinking on it. :face_exhaling: