Ready to harvest....suggestions

Suggestions… are these ready to harvest?
Have been in flower for about 8 weeks. Not sure on strain. Think they are gueriila glue. Any help would be appreciated.pistils%208 pistils%207 pistils%203 pistils%201a pistils%201b IMG_20190203_233045
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Still a lot of white pistols. I start looking to harvest when the pistols are mostly orange/amber. Then Start watching for the trichomes to turn milky then mostly milky with some amber. I harvest when trichomes are milky to slighly amber.


Not ready yet! You have at least a few more weeks left until she’s ready :v::bear:


Same situation with adopted plants, given to me by a very upset woman that found BF w another woman… I don’t know if Auto flowering, what strain, age, etc… most pustules are orange, trichromes starting to cloud over, no Amber yet. I’m watching trichromes for the first time under hand held micro scope, is this fool proof? Beautiful buds, smaller yield due to lack of care from prior owner. Want to get the most of it tho…

I’m old school . Buds should feel just like a ripe tomato . Not soft like an over ripe tomato . You might find more technical ways to say it but that works 99.9% of the time

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as a standard rule of thumb using pistols as a gauge, let the pistols go until at lest 60-70% are colored and dried back if you are looking for an energetic high… let them all change for a stonier effect… to be totally sure keep checking your tricolms… if they dont change then that would be a strain attribute i have never came across yet… hope this helps in some manner as a general guide to using pistols to gauge readiness…