Ready to harvest, or not?

I wanted to know because I took it and gained 60lbs in 30 days. I stopped and it took more than 60 days to get it back off

I rarely have any side effects to any medications. Only two I have and no longer take. I forgot the name right now but it made my skin feel like I was on fire. It turned the skin like if I sat at a beach naked for 12 naked. Then the skin felt like I wanted to peel the skin off my flesh from it making it itchy.

The other was a GI Cocktail that mimicked a full blown heart attack. Both of these was the rarest side effects.

The rest of my meds don’t. Oh I forgot Gabapentin that makes me want to go full blown Hulk due to it makes me extremely angry. Especially when I’m driving. This prescription is almost done. I don’t have the anger since being put on Lyrica.

@Adyboy……… If you haven’t done it yet, you should feed her only water (6.5 ph) for two (2) weeks before chop. You’ll clean her out real good. No more nutrients!!

@RockClarke Thank you, yes. First harvest, I wanted to flush but I didn’t know when the buds would be ready.
Next plant.

@Adyboy………. to me, it looks like you would have plenty of time for the flush. Your call though.

Time of harvest affects the taste, smell and weight of your buds

0-49% of the pistils are brown – Not ready yet

50-70% of the pistils are brown – Ready for harvest,
but it’s still a bit young. Light taste and mellow high.
Maximum weight not yet achieved

70-90% of the pistils are brown – Ready for harvest.
Taste and effect are at their peak. You’ve reached maximum weight

90-100% of the pistils brown – Almost too late for harvest.
Taste is heavy and the effect is narcotic.
Harvest right away and don’t wait any longer

How do these look? Getting ready to harvest? The lower fan leaves are turning brown. I’ve flushed the grow media the last two days.

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Some of the tricomes have turned amber…