Ready to harvest Northern lights? 14 weeks

Would love to get some expert opinions on whether this northern lights auto (seeds from ILGM) is ready to harvest. On its 8 week of flowering, 14 weeks total from sprout (97 days) and I have been feeding nothing but RO water last 17 days.

PPM’s down to 328 and PH 6.5. FFOF soil in 5 gallon pot watering 1 gal every 2-3 days.

I see maybe 10% amber on cola but rest of Trichomes are clear/cloudy. Think no more than 1 week but concerns me that I’ve been flushing for so long. Thought I’d see all cloudy by now.


their beautiful, can you take a pic of the trichomes

Thanks! The pics above were the best I could get with my macro lens. I’ll try one more time to zoom in more but it usually isn’t a sharp pic when I do that

Well done, beautiful girls!!

Your plants look beautiful. I think the trichomes are telling you to wait but that depends where you want them. Sounds like colas might be ready now. Have you ever thought about harvesting them and waiting for the rest? I think you are doing the right thing by no longer giving her nutes. It will be much smoother smoke because of that.

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when did you start flushing them? im fixin to start im on day 75

@Dirt. I stopped feeding and started RO only water once I saw maybe 50% hairs turn brown. That was 17 days ago.

I had an amnesia haze auto in same tent go Hermie so I’m worried about pushing this NTL much longer.

Watching the trichomes every day and would prefer head high over couch lock so thinking I’ll harvest within a week.

thank ya thank ya ive just been giving mine ph water for the past week thinkin she was done and a buncha new pistils started popping out. guess shes gonna keep fattening up for a couple more weeks.

Gorgeous plants! Hard to tell from pics, but I think there are still a lot of clear trichs. If that’s so, leave it go for now. You’re getting close though.

Wow! Impressive. But I’m a little jealous. Mine are not even close to that size at nearly 10 weeks. What’s your secret?