Ready to harvest? Let me know please

Hey I just wanted to get some opinions on this plant and see if it is about ready. It is a sour d auto flower in week 6 of flowering. Trichomes seem mostly cloudy? Should I wait till I see a bit of amber ?

Looks ready to me without checking trichomes.

Ok thank you. I haven’t flushed yet, I was planning to do it today. Should I flush it then put in 48 hrs of dark then cut?

Sounds good!

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This is the other plant in the tent. Still some white hairs so I think she has about a week left?

Or two.


Personally I think you have more time. Pistils is telling me its not ready just yet. Close.


For both? Or just that second one

Both…as they still have white colored pistils. :+1:


@kellydans any thoughts?

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The second plant looks to be just a little behind the first plant. a lot can happen in 10 to 14 days. I would give it a little more time. And after the white pistols turn Amber and recede . Start looking at your crystals for Harvest time.

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Ok sounds good. What do you think about feeding? I gave the first one plain water and I fed the yesterday.

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The last Auto I finished took 14 weeks. Look at your runoff PPM numbers if there’s nothing available for the plant, I might feed it one more time. Then pH water to finish.