Ready to harvest / Keep adding nutes?

Looks close saying goes give another week if ur not sure. Looks like another week atleast for some ambers to start @oldmarine. Grab a loop a check

Thanks for clarifying the type of effect you want.

Your plant is ready if it was a sativa and your looking for an uplifting high.

With a sativa waiting for more Amber is ideal the CBN will couch lock and body stone you more.

Can I ask what your using to take pictures?
Very clear pictures, looks like macro photography but not microscopic. Tripod? DLSR?


I used my phone, it’s a Pixel 5, lol. i have a cheap microscopic and tried to take a picture through it but it didn’t work.

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Thank you, everyone, for the replies, it sounds like I should wait another week or two, I’m going to do that!

Question about the molasses, can I keep flushing but adding 1 tablespoon of molasses per gallon of water? or would I need to flush that out also?

Why do you ant to flush?

Oh and I would look into a USB microscope, super handy and only like 15$ so you can get pics like this

Also that’s a good amount of Amber for an indica,

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I have been using FoxFarm Nutrient.

Maybe if I do this again I’ll get the USB microscope, too late to do it now, I have 1 girl, lol.

Maybe we are looking at 2 different things? I didn’t think pistils came out of leaves?

I also thought indicas are harvested differently from sativas based on trichome color.

I never want to share bad advice and I’m always willing to learn something new, so if I made an error please elaborate.

Here are a bunch more pictures, someone asked for more. I am color blind but i don’t see any amber?


Much better pics, the amber Trichomes are much more prevalent than in the 1st pic. @Brobdab you were on point and my apologies. I usually get sent leaf photos and these questions, Amore420 for GDP I would chop her as Brobdab stated.

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No worries. I just wanna help and share the love :v:

Second set of pics are much clearer. Great job! You should have some great sleep meds. An indica with that pretty amber is gonna hit hard :dash: :fire: @Amore420
When you try it please give us a smoke report!

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After curing the flowers I turn them into pills, I don’t smoke them…

I’ve been using this recipe for a while I love it It’s so easy to do.


Exactly the recipe I was looking for! Thanks for that, @Amore420, I just ordered my capsules and a filler.

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