Ready to harvest? First Timer

My first time growing. The plants seem to small to me. They are all autoflowers. Purple Punch, Northern Lights, Lemon Skunk


I’m gonna say 4-5 more weeks on the last pic, still a few more weeks above, best way is to look at the trics, the crystal on the bud with a microscope or jeweler’s loupe

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Thanks. I am really surprised at how small the plants are. They are all in 5gal fabric pots. I used the Pot for Pot kit on the Lemon Skunk. The others I did a mix of equal amounts of mushroom compost, cattle manure compost and Lady bug revitalizer. All that mixed in with COCO-LOCO and Berger BM7. Mostly just using water and the occasional organic liquid fertilizer.

6-8 weeks looking good :relieved:

I always drop this picture when I see this question.

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I’m no expert on autos but I know they can be smaller than photos.