Ready to Harvest? First Grow- White Widow CBD Auto from ILGM

I read on the forum that he only real way to gauge if an autoflower plant is ready to harvest is by the color of the trichomes? What do you think of this plant harvest-ready wise?


Not ready yet. A lot of clear and that’s on the sugar leaves not the bud. The sugar leaves will mature faster so if they’re clear the buds surely aren’t ready.


Thanks-- I appreciate your input!

Yup, still a ways to go. Still lots of White pistals, and trics are like clear lollipops. Patients. Check trics on the bud, when pistals turn brownish and trics are cloudy, then you are in the range. This is the toughest time for me. The old “hurry up and wait”! :wink:

How old is she?

I have three White Widow CBD Auto from ILGM. One is bigger than the other two. First grow. Did aggressive low stress training, defoliation, and I topped the smallest one. Planted in Fox Farm Happy Frog. Added half dose ‘Tiger Bloom’ and ‘Grow Big’. Had what looked like ‘nute burn’, and then what looked like Calcium deficiency. Added Cal-Mag to last watering. I have a Grow Journal that you are welcome to follow-- I appreciate your input. Its called ‘Day 26 -White Widow Auto CBD -Please evaluate and comment’ (weird name, I know)
Today (when this pic was taken) is DAY 54
I decided to treat the gals to a few hours of ‘REAL SUNLIGHT’ (dont want to stress them, will just give them about 2-3 hours worth)


Thanks! Check out my grow journal…I appreciate your input!

This my first time growing CBD White Widow auto from ILGM as well. Hope someone will advise whens the best time to harvest based on trichomes. Would really appreciate the advice.

I wanted a more mellow body experience so, I waiting until all the clear trichomes turned cloudy…no clear trichomes at all…then I waited for about 30% to 50% of those cloudy trichomes to turn amber.
But thats just how I did it…the high I’m getting from them now after 10 days drying and 6 weeks curing is all body high…plus, a sense of calmness. Definitely low THC and higher CBD which was my goal.
But thats just what I did…I’m sure every plant is a little different

Thanks for sharing. That’s the exact experience I’m aiming at. Attached are a few photos, I’m no photographer but did what I could for now. I’ll try to take better ones later. But they’re in early flowering stages, about 3wks now. The back row are 3 CBD White Widow autos & 3 GDP autos. They were all sprouted & planted the same time. Don’t know why the GDP in the middle hasn’t grown. But I keep it around hoping one day it’ll get with the program & take off after seeing its surrounding "seedlings " grow up🤣
Anyway. I did lst & light defoliation on the CBD White Widows & only lst on the GDPs, I plan to lightly defoliant them next week. My only problem with this current step up is getting humidity level down. It doesn’t change much.

I plan to get a mini dehumidifier soon. The temperature range between 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day & around 76 at night. I try to get at least 10 degrees difference. But come close as I can.
My other problem is growing Gelato. This my 3rd try. For some reason they get 3in they fall over & die. But I’ll save that for another topic.

Again thanks for sharing :smoking::sunglasses::+1: Have a happy harvest.

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Better pix of current project. A bit of nute burn but adjusting the light feeding, growing in cocoa coir mixed with perlite.
Processing: 20210829_230302.jpg…
Processing: 20210829_230251.jpg…
Processing: 20210829_164205.jpg…

looks good. we learn more each grow! Also, I forgot to mention that the WW CBD Auto has ended my insomnia! Good stuff!

Thanks. True we learn something new with every grow& trust I know. Been growing outdoors since 14 & indoors just the past few years. Glad to hear WW CBD Auto helped end your insomnia. Great medicinal help. I like WW fem,which has been great for my back pain & help puts me to sleep🤣 Which is why it’s one of my favorite strains next to Skunk😋