Ready to harvest? First grow. GSC strain

Back again with a major update. I think the plants are ready for harvest but would like some more opinions. My pictures arent of great quality but it’s the best I can do. The scope I got I have a hard time getting a good look at the trichomes.

My only concern is that there are still some white pistils, and I would also like some ambering of the trichomes for a more narcotic high.

What do yall think?


Looking good.
I had a Northern lights that looked almost identical…lots of crispy leaves.
It took forever to go milky and a bit longer to get even a little amber.
Sounds like you know what you want…Just have to hold on.

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I definitely ran into some heat stress problems. It was an unusually hot summer in VT this year. The temps in the tent got a little out of control. There were days that it got up to 90-94F. Even with an air conditioner in the room it could barely keep the room alone at 75-80. I did treat with silicon for heat stress which seemed to work slightly but definitely the plants suffered some heat stress damage sadly.

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Yes, I had a spell of high heat as well.
Its finally cooling off so I am looking for a couple good grows thru the fall and winter.
However even tho it looked bad the buds were really nice. Even the dead leves had trichs all over them. So we decarb them in coconut oil along with the rest and make edibles.

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That’s another concern I had. I see peoples plants with tons of crystals on the leaves them selves. Mine have none on the leaves really at all. Think that’s an issue from heat?

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Mostly genetics. I grew a Grandaddy Purple that produced very dense buds with tons of frost and right next to it a Northern Lights that was nicely sticky, but nothing like the GDP.
Certain strains have more genetic predisposition toward that like Gorilla Glue. I am just having a blast growing at all. I am such a lightweight that a single ounce would last me a year, but my wife needs 1/2 ounce a week to help her sleep. So I have to grow all the time. Still its quite fun.


I see @Spiney_norman has you covered here but I was wondering if you could share some tricomb pictures with us?
Do you have a USB microscope you can do that with?

Plant looks really good congrats

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Same with me had a bad heat spell last few weeks and my pre98 but bubba’s genitics naturally foxtail. Im in the same boat as you waiting for the trichomes to be what I want but shugar leafs are dead was going to have to pull it tomorrow unless you guys think I can keep another 4 days before harvest. I’m a day past week 11 of flower no change in lights or fans but looking heat stressed was afraid the buds will start getting bleached

So I need bro harvest asap or can I keep pushing a lil longer just don’t want to cause any more blemish to my buds allready going to trim the hell out of it to get rid of all the brown

@Birdman802 let me know your decision and how it works good luck👍

i dont have anything other than my iphone7 and it doesnt take good pictures

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I’m in the same boat . Can’t figure out if I should harvest or not since idk if I should go by the new white hairs on all the foxtails from heat stress or what because it was looking very close to being done , most If the white hairs receded. Now I have a whole new set of white hairs coming out of the fox tails .

@Bman88900look at the old growth under it at the bottom of cola

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I also read strains like haze and blue dream that naturally foxtail are some of the most potent strains

@Bman88900 so rock paper scissors shoot to see who keeps growing and who harvests lol? I don’t think I’m going to risk it I’m going to harvest her Saturday, three days short of 12 weeks flowering let me what u choose

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USB microscope is 15$ or less on Amazon.

Well unfortunately this is my second grow with the same problem at the end . Last time I said screw it and ended up with almost 4ozs of beautiful smoke… after drying and curing I was left premature smoke that didn’t even give me a buzz . I’m going until I don’t see any white hairs this time around . Good luck, also I check my smoke under the scope and I see still 10% amber and rest clear, not much cloudy

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I agree. You have put this amount of time and effort into the grow. Why not give yourself the real reward. I got a little anxious at the end of my first grow. I cut down this morning - Blueberry 12 weeks full flowering! I think I could have gone another week easily. We’ll see what happens.

A jeweler’s loupe is even cheaper if you just want to look for yourself without posting.

Good luck and continued success!

Only issue with a loup is that you can’t share the images and then we can’t confiethat your judging the tricombs right…

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Agree with @Nicky…I got my loupe in the mail yesterday and omg its soo hard to get a good pic…

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