Ready to harvest but gotta leave town!

My first plant ever is just about ready to harvest. It looks pretty good, not amazing. But in a couple days I just found out I have to get on a plane and be out of town for a month, so I won’t be able to do all the drying and curing stuff I hear you’re suposed to do.

Is it OK if I just take the flowers off and put them in a bag in the freezer til I get back and dry them afterwards? Is there something else that’d be better?

No, you can’t come over and help, thanks anyway!


I dont suggest it. I’ve never really done it. But I would think that if you freeze fresh harvested buds that the freezing water would mess them up and when you thaw them back out it would turn to mush. Its bad timing for sure. If time isn’t on your side and you are close to harvest and you have no other choice. Chop it down give it a quick wet trim hang it up dry it out as much as u can and put it in a mason jar with a boveda pack and pray.

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You should get those self curing bags.

I don’t have them but there are a couple threads.

I know @BobbyDigital has tried them.



Yea Grove bags. But by the time he orders them they will be out of town plus they have to be fully dried u can’t put them in there wet. They are cure bags not dry bags lol. I was gunna put down the Grove bags cuz I ordered a shit ton of them to cuz @Audiofreak had a thread on them and they look amazing. But he can go out and buy Mason jars. He can’t go out and buy Grove bags. Either way he get boned lol

May need to throw them in the freezer and then make hash or extract out of the material when you get back. Either that or leave them to hang. They’ll be super dried out but you can still make hash out of it.

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you didnt mention how much time you have until you leave. if you can stretch them and let them go until you are about to leave, you might be able to get away with just cutting it off at the base and hanging, in a cool dark place. if you dont trim ANY leaves, you will leave as much moisture in the plant and that will tend to slow down drying. a month is a pretty long time, i have never hung more than 2 weeks, but as long as its not real dry it might be a decent option. are you ok with leaving it unattended (is it in a secure location?)

when you get back you would just dry trim then, snip all the buds and pack them with bodiva packs to get them back up to where they should be. Just a suggestion. i hope you get some more experienced folks to weigh in.

Thanks, this is all helpful. I have two or three days til I head out.

I guess maybe I could dry it in the freezer or oven and turn it all into tincture? I could hang it in a closet too, that’s safe.

Is she almost done or do you just need to handle her before you leave? If she’s got say another two weeks or so I’d just figure out watering for as long as possible and consider it a flush or just running her literally to death. Worse case scenario you have a larger yield of some sleepy.

That is what I would do. In a closet with minimal air circulation seems it would cure on it’s own.

key I think

Freeze it and when u come back u can order some bubble hash bags and make bubble hash out of it. Then press the hash or do whatever woth it make edibles ect. Good luck. Suck u have to leave town right at the end of it.