Ready to harvest and how?

Im 90% sure that its ready, but now to harvest I need to cut the branch from the bottom and hang it for 2 weeks or a different way ?


I only see clear trichomes and only one amber in that picture. Examine the trichomes on the buds and not the leaves. I’d give it some more time.

You still have lots of white pistils as well. Generally most if not all of those will be dried before the trichomes are ready. @Laqwanies


I read that when they are amber it means they are overdone

Generally, the amount of amber is personal preference, but I agree with @bob31. Recommend amber is 25-50%, and I personally shoot for +50%, depending on the strain.


its afghan mass 00 seed, so lets say I give another week or so, how do I harvest them

If they look like that, I would cut them off close to the ground after: soil is dry! plants should be VERY ready to water. 24 to 48 hours of darkness. Then, cut and hang in a dark space at around 70 ° and only use a fan if necessary. Drying should take 8 to 10 days. I paper bag the manicured bud until there’s no further moisture change then jar and cure.

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hope this helps


Wow, surfing looking for this info. Thanks


Hii Guy this my first grow .This plant is sativa started from seed about 5 months ago it is about 3 feet tall .It has been in flower for about 6 weeks .It has buds all over the plant ,I do want some seeds from her so I pollinated her a month ago .Tell me long do I have before I can harvest her .

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@Blackbud 3-6 weeks judging from photos. You want all or almost all the white pistils to be brown/browning and curling in. White pistils means she’s putting on more weight still. How many weeks is that strain supposed to go? Heavy sativas can be 12+ weeks and you’re at 6 weeks, correct? Hope you get the seeds you’re looking for!


Hi MattyBear Thank you for your reply to my post .I think you are right about another 6 weeks. Not one of the fan leaves are turning yellow yet she is still green . I did take a bud off to try the smoke .I put some in the oven and wow one hit .That is not bad for as old as she is. I think it is going to be some good skunk bud . I think the cold weather has a lot to do with the grow also . Thanks again for your reply have a great day.


No problem @Blackbud. I’m here to help when and where I can. Keep posting your progress and any questions you have

I apologize for interrupting but I have a question with what you posted if you don’t mind me asking?
When you say take a sample or look at the trichomes on the bud and not the sugar leaves how would you do that without an electric endoscope or microscope? I use a little 60 by 100 magnification stamp microscope that has a little light on it. Battery powered.
What I usually have to do is clip off a piece of one of the little sugar leaves on a bud site then place it on a stable surface and look at it with my microscope. Is that the best way I can do it? What should I be looking at and where on the bud specifically? Would I be better off clipping off a sample of the bud leaf higher up on the bud rather than the bottom sugar leaf? Sorry for the interruption but that sparked a question in my mind when I read that. Thank you for your help and time I truly appreciate it.

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I plan on getting one of those electronic endoscopes but as my to do list for my grow room gets longer that sort of thing gets bumped down my list. If it’s necessary and if what I have is not really practical I’ll get one. But for instance I want to get myself some Panda film, resupply cal-mag before anything else, etc. Thank you

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FYI, Bob has left the forum.

I used a pocket scope and I almost lost a grow to spider mites that I couldn’t see with it. When I invested $40 on an otoscope I could see everything.

Clipping samples is fine but take directly from the buds and take multiple samples. Sugar leaves mature earlier.


After I bought my latest bladed auto-trimmer, it worked fine while I tested it out on my first two harvests. My Buds I did with it looked a little too perfect to be considered “hand-trimmed” by an experienced grower girl like me, and it was knocking off a little too much crystals with the trim for my tastes, but the dispensaries I was supplying were happy with them and that was the main thing. So I laid off all my trusty hand-trimmers. Turned out to be a BAD MOVE! After the first year was up and zee garantee was over, it started bucking and jamming even though I’d been doing my regular maintenance and cleanings after every harvest. Then, going into my second year with it, I had to start “servicing” it with replacement parts after a few breakdowns with mechanical issues. Now I’d be totally stranded if I didn’t have one of my old auto-trimmers that was still useable (but totally unsatisfactory with the end product to my eye) for a back-up cause I had to send the “new” fucker back for a total over-haul! Before I hire all my old hand-trimmers back does any of you dudes or dudets have a auto-trimming machine that actually works great, hasn’t been giving them any grief with breakdown bullshit and trims Bud close to hand-trimming? If you do, get back to me cause I sure could use the advice!

You are correct, when a trichome starts to go amber it indicates that the waxy membrane surrounding the trichome head is breaking down and exposing the thca to air. Once exposed to air the thca starts to change into cbn which is a major contributer to the couchlock effect. I personally prefer to harvest when the vast majority of trichomes are milky/cloudy for a more cerebral effect and maximum thc content. Its all personal though.