Ready to grow new setup!

Check it out team,
my new setup so far I cant wait to get it up and running. I’m not sure if I’m going to run autos or photos yet still waiting on seeds to show up getting pumped for this one!


Wow thats a massive light bro thtas one big set up

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I got the grow bug back you could say

Yah i know wat u mean i just harvested a white widow auto i was doing

Yeah same i have a zkittles berry blast auto 3 weeks into flower and it literally makes my mouth water when I smell it. I blame it for all this.

I just harvested white widow auto


Is that one plant? looks the goods.

this is my current girl


Yahan thats one plant it was grown in organics

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Frosty buds bro looks great what strain

yeah man I got a hlg UVA supplement light with the scorpion diablo light and I added it to this tent to test it out they seem to be frosting up nicely

I would love to get a uv supplement light

Zkittles berry blast Auto fem
smells so good

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I bet it does bro .my next grow im doin a pineapple kush fem seed and a blueberry auto

finding it so hard to get seeds at the moment

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Sticky seeds uk try them .i just brought this

UVA lights

Check out Linda’s for seeds

UVA hurts the plant to make it create more resin. Careful

yeah I’m waiting on an order from sticky seeds and one from attitude seeds hoping they turn up soon but not looking good on the tracking still haven’t left the UK. UV lights look good just remember to flip them off when you’re in the room.:+1:

Ok so why do they put it in grow lights for