Ready to go ? harvest time

Hey folks,

First grow and nervous about right time to harvest. These are Jack Herer Auto flowers, day 76 since sprout…

I am not good with colors / shades but my wife and son have both confirmed trichromes look cloudy… The plants are definitely in late stage, all the leaves are drying up and dropping off…

I last used nutrients on 5/23 and have only watered since, I did not really use a lot of nute’s when growing, but should i water /flush them one more time before harvesting if you guys think it is time…

Very nervous help advise appreciated… Never been to harvest before !!!

thanks !!!

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Nice! Congratulations on making it to harvest! :tada:
I like to put mine in the dark without water the last 2-3 days before the chop. Kinda gets a head start on drying.
I have a Jack Herer auto that I look forward to growing later on.

Thanks HMGRWN, you think they are ready ? just turn of the lights for a few day’s and chop ? My favorite is a small one that i put out side, grew too many for the tent size, so many mistakes the first time…should i put that one in the dark tent as well…? Hope you are doing well, you have been a huge help…

The small one actually looks like she still has some swell left in her.

Its hard to judge maturity from pics without trichs. But from my point of view… yes u are very close to harvest.

I LOVE the swell of that outside one! Actually prefer all my plants at that stage before harvesting. Heck i make sure the calyx are swollen before I even check trichs. Ur showing a ton of young pistils on all the indoor gals


Agreed. For the others you are at the early window. Harvest now for a “speedier” buzz or wait for the amber for more “couch lock”.

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