Ready to go grow kits


150HID is enough for your 2’x2’ small tent. Did you consider led? Recently Gavita begins to sell white led, so I really think white led will become main tread of light. UnitFarm grow bar is white light but it is too long for your tent, but you can also look at other brands’ white light


Here is my setup in a 4ftx4ftx6.5ft I’m in a basement also open hood helps and keeps my basement warmer then it’s been. So keeps my house warmer at the same time.


That’s a 400w mh with 2 450w leds that are dimmable. Going with 600w hps for final bulb I also may throw my 300w led in where it seems like I need more lighting


Joshawa you mentioned about water …in a dwc bucket you said add nutrients then ph the water and if it is in range your good…or adjust to range of 5.5 to 6.5 but I have been reading lots of stuff that says people adjust then after bubbling the ph changes usually goes up is this a problem that has to be managed daily?


If your lights your main heat source what about when lights out a hid has 10° change on or off not good to keep top of grow warm but roots and water cold.


That is a good point I may have to invest in a submersible heater to keep everything even temps…I have one for my turtle aquarium and it keeps the water at 75 to 78 ish but that might be a bit to warm. Something to think on for sure. Thanks for the thought!!


What ever it is make sure u can adjust it!!! And dont buy anything just cause someone says so. Do ur research it might be bees knees for them but fuck your shit all up. And any questions on lights @dbrn32 know anything about lights and how to build your own cheap led lights. I bought a kit to 31x31x5 with 400w mh hps light 4inch vent system and all I use from it is the tent every thing else was worthless. So dont mess up were I did and end up replacing everything you bought before your done with 1st grow.


Yes thanks I agree. After a lot of reading I decided to go with separate parts not an actual kit be cause what I found I thought I wanted did not actually come as a kit. I know I want a 600w light and I need a fan and carbon filter I am thinking 6 inch be a use I can always carb it down if it is to much ventilation but I can’t make it more if it is not enough. I also think a tent of 4x4 or 2x4 is what I need. I know I want a HID light but I may end up with some LED lights as well as the grow goes on. The temps may be an issue I am checking into that. I am going to get it all and set it up and then do a temp reading with and without the light to see what I get then I can decide if I need to heat or vent.


You need to make sure you’re researching information that applies to your method 5.5 to more like 6 sounds better for dwc. You will have to keep ph fairly constant in a dwc system. How often it requires adjusted depends a lot on different variables.


I started off wanting to use an auto pot but now I think I am leaning more towards the 5 gal bubble bucket.


All sound good to me


No just during peak growth stats usually