Ready to go grow kits

Ok I am a total beginner for hydroponics. I am thinking of purchasing a ready to go set up from someplace like for one high yield plant that stays a bit shorter so the 2x2x5ft kit was the one I was considering. It only comes with a 150 watt HID and I wonder if that would be enough? Is there anyone with experience in using one of these ready to go kits that could tell me about their experience. I am just breaking the ice here so I want to make it as easy as possible and as fool proof as I can so that there is less chance for me to screw it up because if I can mess it up I will for sure!!:dizzy_face:

I started with the hydro builder 3x3 kit an one plant with the dwc setup only thing i would say was that i needed more space…my ilgm strawberry kush filled it pretty quickly

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If I go with a bigger tent even if I stick with 1 plant it would for sure be necessary to have a bigger light. Would I go with a 400 watt or 600 if I went to a 4xr
4? I still will stick with just 1 plant.

I would recomend giving yourself the exstra foot lol 2x2 is for some small grows

600 watt would be my recommendations :sunglasses:

When I look at these I see people talking about putting 2 or 3 plants in something that size. I would be happy to with bigger like a 4x4. So you would recommend a 3x3 or 4x4 with a 600w light for 1 plant?

Yes some people do put more than one in them…i do long grows gennerally so my plants get pretty big an would be crowded if more than one is in there, those that put a few in are doing pretty quick grows of a foot or two before they flower my end result is 3 to 4 feet an as far as space tge more the merrier lol

Here is my set up atm one 600 watt an 2 300 watt leds

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Oh wow that looks really cool…the LED light is good for the veg state or more for the flower ? I was thinking of doing a shortish grow the stuff I read said 55 to 60 days to flower then it is apron 21 days in flower and a further 2 to 3 weeks to dry/ cure or that was my plan anyways. The plant in theory would be about 3 feet tall I had even concitered scog ( not sure on the spelling ) but laying it over and spreading it out on a grate. So then I really would need more space. All that said…why the extra LESs?

Those mars2 lights are good for both an most of my long grows are on the veg side, flowering time depends on the strain an i have the exstra lights for bigger tighter buds, an this will be my first scrog i will be running the one i started dec1st and the one for the 2019 growoff at the same time so this will be the shortest grow i havr done yet i will tag you in my scrog journal :hugs:

Excellent! Thanks I will follow for sure. The deep water grows I am a little confused on changing the water for the different stages…can you tell me how u do yours?

I change mine weekly add nutes first then ph it an feed her it is actually pretty simple you will get a handle on it pretty quick I’m sure👍

Only thing that really changes depends on the nutes you will use…some are the same begining to end an some have veg an flower nutes separate

I have read everything I can find I think that is why I am confused…everyone has a different way !

Thats true lol an you will find your own way…an we will all be here to help you out🤗

Thanks ! My biggest problem is I want a step by step and there really is not one …lol it is tweek here change this there kind of process!

It sounds more confusing and difficult than it actually is

Flushing is real simple dump and fill with just ph water…tada done😎

How do you do oh water? Do u use distilled? Then add nutrients ? I have well water and county water neither are going to work I fear.

I have read that people buy water or make their own