Ready to flower?

I need a little help!!! I have to seeds now plants that have come a long way. I am growing in a hydroponic system and wanted to know based the view of these plants if they are ready for 12/12? These plants have come back from near death and blossom


I don’t do indoor but I know, with only having two, you should try to create more bud sites. Train them for a broad canopy or let them just veg up some more.

From what I gather, the stage you are at may be fine if you had multiple plants doing a sea of green. Even then, looks too early IMO.


Agree with @FloridaSon way to early not worth growing at all at that size especially if you pay for seeds


Ok thanks you all.

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Can you all tell the sex by these photos?

It would be a great time to top them or bend them over if you dont want to cut them.
That way you will have more tops as the lower nodes will grow out letting you spread out the plant out.
From what I have seen it best to work to the space you have as they can over double in size some times when you flick them over to bud cycle.
I am about to top some out my self that look like your or a little younger.

Is that bug bite on the lower leaves ? or just some thing else ?

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Hard to tell but looking pretty female to me buddy

Thanks. I’m YouTube topping and take care of it. That may be the folic feeding spray.

That’s what I’m thinking. These were bag seeds I wa experimenting with. Didn’t expect such a good outcome.

Bag seeds can be ok I have seen some good ones from the crappiest looking buds.
I had 15 seeds I ordered on line and only one out of ten germinated and it didn’t grow well.
I had two old bag seeds I found in a draw (no idea where they came from) planted them and both popped and have out grown the paid for one lol
Just got to hope they are female now :slight_smile:

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Lol. Yes Iva. I was wondering that. These seeds came from some mid. I’m hoping with the proper care that it’s a good strain. I tell you that mid it came from was not that good. :pensive::pensive::sleepy::cold_sweat:. So let’s pray my TLC results into the plants looking out for me. Lol. I will keep you guys posted. I will top them in the morning before I leave for work. fingers cross

Hey Guys. I topped the ladies this morning. As you may be able to see by the photos that these lil ladies didnt stress out over the topping. As a matter of fact it appear they liked it. They are truly spreading the wings. Literally lol. Im afraid they may get to tall before they fully flower. I guess topping i will continue to do​:sob::joy:. Is there anything else you all see i need to do?

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Nice pics thems is some happy looking plants.

I have a system like yours and it works very well but I had to cover the unused holes because of light getting in tub.
I used some panda film white side up if I needed to keep it cool or black side if you need it warmer and cut slits to line up with center of each net cup.
It saves alot of algae and mold growing at the base of the stem and roots.
I dont have pics as it was in the early 90s I used it last.

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Hey Iva. Here are more photos. I believe this babies are beginning to show their sex. One thing I’m noticing that they are becoming to bushy for me. What can I do this?

When you top a plant you reset the chems that set the order of the nodes and all the nodes get equal amounts so they all grow making a bushier plant (more bud sites closer to the light and in direct light).
They are not showing true sex yet I would take a guess at female because its such a squat build.
It so weird to me to see seedlings when most my exp is with clones. All them symmetrical nodes.


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So at this point what should i do?

wait :slight_smile:

The biggest killer of plants from what I have seen is too much love :slight_smile: Followed by heat.
I was told by a good friend in the 90s that he had noticed that plant that didn’t get messed with seemed to grow better
He would tell me that you only really need to look at them once every few days and not ten times per day.
He was a very good grower and better fisherman :slight_smile:


Lol. Ok. But its resevoir water change tomorrow.

Here is my Aero / DWC /bubbler/ drip system being put to good use.

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Nice. I like that. Very creative. I see you have a few plants in the corners too. Looking good.