Ready to chop or not?

Wow really? Think so? From your lips to gods ears lol. Fingers crossed will check back in with y’all in 2 weeks!!!

I’m thinking in 2-4 weeks when it’s ready I will do partial harvest and just take all the top collas and let all the rest / inside stuff grow a bit more as I can’t start another grow for a few months due to an upcoming move, might as well.

For a partial harvest when chopping off colas do u need to seal the broken main stems ? What do you use for that if so? Wax? Tar?

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Just my two cents worth. I would raise your lights about 6”.
You are burning up your buds. You know this because the leafs are curled up real bad.
They do look like they still have some swelling like mentioned above. Nice and frosty!! :+1:t2: Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Ok will do! I thought the same thing after switching to hlg 320xl so I dimmed it down all the way but nothing changed even at 21-22 inches away. My ppfd and dli were super low, I bumped it up a little and with 18 hours of light my Dli is still only 21 at this height and intensity, so why are they burning?

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It was probably too much, too quick. They weren’t use to the intinsity of the new lights maybe.

Agreed I just moved my light up as far as I can now at 26 inches and bumped up the intensity slightly will give them a week before changing any more.

little update: I think 2 more weeks… then partial harvest will take all the top colas and let everything else marinate for another month. What do you all think?

Photo on 10-14-21 at 5.02 PM #2
Photo on 10-14-21 at 5.03 PM
Photo on 10-14-21 at 5.04 PM
Photo on 10-14-21 at 5.04 PM #2
Photo on 10-14-21 at 5.05 PM
Photo on 10-14-21 at 5.05 PM #2
Photo on 10-14-21 at 5.06 PM
Photo on 10-14-21 at 5.06 PM #2


Those looks like fan leaves trichomes pictures those will lie and mature quicker than the actual bud