Ready to chop or not what do you guys think. First grow



I don’t know if you can blow that up or not but if you can get a real close look maybe you can tell me whether I should chop it or not.


Even with the zoom feature, my eyes can’t tell. Have you checked the trichomes?


@Tattooman she looks absolutely ready to me! There’s no white pistils and the tricomes are milky… I do see some tricomes that may be amber but can’t really tell. Do you have a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe to really see the tricomes? I’m going to tag in some that know better than me. @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


A natural light shot would help us tremendously, but she looks great anyway brother


Im with the boys here
And @Dieselgrower brings up a good point about ybe natural light picture
Have you check the tricombes with a loop or picket scipe what are they looking like
They do look good imo


It’s clearly ripe enough to harvest if you are not looking for peak potentcy. In my opinion, the pistils need some additional development (more shriveling and pulling in closer to the flowers) however, I cannot see the trichs and my last two plants I have harvested by trichs not by pistils.


I have included a few other pictures with a couple of close-ups that might be able to be used too easy or identify whether it is ready to chop or not you guys are the pros by the way she is White Widow. I so cannot wait to test her out but as you know so many people jumped the gun and harvest to early I do not want to do that so I will wait for your opinion I can’t wait I can’t wait.


Here are a couple of natural light pictures. Also couple of close-ups. I’m so excited!!


they look about where i like them @Tattooman cloudy with some amber…the ultimate choice is yours bro!
nice fat buds! :fire: could you make one of your new close ups a single so we can zoom…?


Thank you so much I appreciate the info very much!


can you do a single pic new close up? so i can zoom…i’m ripping on some WW right now…
take a few tokes and i forget i’m smoking…lol :upside_down_face:


Here’s the new picture I hope it works for you. Also I have been nursing this girl ever since she was born hoping for the best outcome so far I guess it’s not too bad for a first girl can’t wait to test it out.


if you are wanting TKO let it go some more…
otherwise you are at that good median point i believe @Tattooman
i’d be checking,twice a day you are that close…lol


thank you so much for your information it’s a big help. I can’t wait to test it.


@Tattooman I think she’s ready to make her way in the world and experience life hanging upside down! :sunglasses:

Don’t forget to let her dry & cure… I’m amazed at how much better my blueberry gets every day! And I’m far from a pro, I just finished my 1st grow and am waiting for it to fully cure…


You’re pretty close to the finish line. As big said if you want more of a couch lock effect then I would let it go a little while longer checking periodically, but if you want a more get up an gwt stuff done then I think you’re right about there, imo.


@Tattooman they are beautiful! :heart_eyes:


When I am curing how often do I open the jars and how long do I leave them open.


Every day for a week or so, I dump them out and let them sit for a few minutes then back in the jar they go.