Ready to buy good lights, need advice

What is solid core? It is the wire that is attached to the driver.

Did you, @graysin, tell me to control the heat you should move the driver away from the light?

Quite probably. I moved my drivers outside my tent - I simply can’t keep my tent below 90° if I leave my drivers inside.

Solid core = one single copper wire instead of individual strands or threads of wiring.

Not solid core

Solid core

Yea, solid core sounds better @graysin. @dbrn thinks I am crazy to move it. The process to move it seems simple enough.

I have reversed the boards. Now before I even touch those clips will someone tell me how they are supposed to work.

I have again attached to picture.

Help! Ms.

From HLG:

Hope that helps. I’m not sure if it does.

It is perfect. Thank you.

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I would like to announce my DIY hlg light is working and installed.
The damn thing lights up the whole room.
Now that I have my light in place I wonder how close my seedlings should be? The way I installed it, the light itself can be raised and lowered.
I am also curious when you use the dimmer.
Thanks, Ms.

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Yeah, they’re intense.

I dimmed my light all the way down to like 50% and slowly cranked up as needed. I am sure a professional lighting person will come along with more tangible advice as far as where and how to set the light.

PS - sorry, I’m all outta likes but I :heart: this

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Seedling don’t need much light.

I found that having a outlet wattmeter was a big help. It took the guesswork out of adjustments.

Light height and power setting for seedling …. I’m sure 50% at 28-36inches would be ok. If they start to stretch, it not enough.