Ready to buy good lights, need advice

I was told to move the driver away from my light to help disperse some of the heat. I bought cable connectors and several feet of Wire cable extension cord copper wire electric conductor 3 core. Am I all set? What do I do with the ground? Should I have gotten 2 core?


Please advise @dbrn32 or @vincy or @mh47 or @mr_wormwood

I bought 3 core extension wire, should I get 2 core?

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November 2, 2021

2 wire will do. But if you have 3 wire you can terminate the ground wire to frame or heatsinks of your light. Just put a terminal ring on end of it and place it under an existing frame screw other than your board.

How/where should I keep the driver? My grow area is inside my bedroom, no tent.

Personally, I wouldn’t even move it unless you feel you absolutely need to. If you feel its going to be significant change for you, Wherever is most convenient that’s not too far from fixture.

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Is there another way to respond? On the website directly?

I was told if I already have trouble controlling the heat, I should move the driver. Is this true?

I have figured out how to do it. Either way, the damaged clips on the LED board prevent the wires from staying put and I still do not know what to do about that.

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Sure. But where are you having problems with heat? Driver on top of your fixture should have heat naturally rise from there. Your plants below should show very little direct heating from your lights. If you’re running into issues with overall temperature of your room, moving driver probably isn’t going to help you. You shouldn’t really move it far and that’s likely to still be in your room, which wouldn’t benefit you.

What are your canopy temps? I don’t remember seeing actual temps posted.

Is the plastic cover broken or the whole connector? The molex connector will still work if just the plastic tab on top is broken.


It works fine, the wires don’t stay in place.

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That gives me chills
This is generally a not good thing

Chills? WTH?


I worry when you say wires won’t stay put
In general with electrical gadgets, wires staying in place is important.
I worry that if you have loose wires, an arc could occur and that can be a a breaker gets tripped
Or it could cause a fire

I would do whatever I needed to do to make sure that on this device, that the wires are completely secure

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Dang can I get an amen?

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This whole topic is about how I handle the BROKEN CLIPS on my LED boards for the positive and negative wires.

See picture!

Honestly id need more pics from different angles of the actual wire contact to advise I just know loose wires are not good

Did you depress, then push in wire, then release? I have used them before without insulation tab in place. If not, I would just flip the boards and use connectors on the on the other end.

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Reverse the boards. So simple, yet I didn’t see it. This is the answer assuming I do not break those clips as well

Thank you, sir.

I should have been able to figure that out for myself. The result of too many bong loads?


Maybe haha! Just take your time and I’m sure it will work out.

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Coulda sworn I said that on my first reply :thinking:

But as a heads up, make sure the wire you clip into the board is a solid core. You’ll have a way easier time detaching it later if you need to.


My dear @Graysin -
You actually said turn them over which is not the same as reversing the boards and honestly, I wasn’t trying to take it all apart.
But yes, @Graysin did suggest this first.
Thank you.