Ready to buy good lights, need advice

Don’t need it, as long as you have far red for flower the uva isn’t worth buying another light for. It’s for veg

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It does. I used dude and got another $20 off last night. Thanks for that!

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You want a six inch inline exhaust system for ur pace ur using and a couple of fans for air circulation

Just ordered two 260XL lights this morning to replace my Budget led and Alibaba lights. The code DUDE still works. Got both lights for $575 shipped with insurance.


Nice choice🔥


I also used DUDE last night and saved $20.


I don’t understand your line of thinking here, UVA and Far Red is nothing close to the same thing, being on completely opposite sides of the spectrum UVA being in the 315-400nm range and Far Red being in 700-850 range, they do completely different things and UVA is far more beneficial in flowering than in veg.


IMO, more important than the size (6”) is the cfm rating.

A grow space’s volume is also the required fan cfm rating to exchange air every minute. For example 3ft x 3ft x 7ft = 63 cubic foot. You will need a 63 cubic foot per min (cfm) exhaust fan to remove CO2 depleted air and draw in CO2 rich air if you want air exchange every minute.

You’ll also have to account for the ducting, carbon filter, and other accessories you might add which will decrease an exhaust fan’s performance. Add 20% for ducting, 60% for a carbon filter, 50% for a light, etc. For example in a 3x3x7: 63 cfm x 1.2 x 1.6 x 1.5 = 182 cfm exhaust fan minimum.

Note: a 204 cfm exhaust fan in this 3x3 tent it would have to run at near max speed. Choosing a higher cfm exhaust fan (such as a 400 cfm) than the space and equipment requires allows you to run it near half speed to gain efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and probably reduce fan noise.

I agree using recirculation fans to ensure the clean air drawn in by the exhaust fan should be used to move air under and over the plants so they can access the CO2.

Also, a fan pointed at the light to help dissipate heat may help. Set it on the same timer as the light. When the light is on the fan should be blowing on the light.

Provide vent openings low to allow cool clean air in and exhaust high to remove hot stale air. If using ducting to allow air in, cover at least one end with a filter (a sock or something).

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No what I’m saying is i was completely unaware that uva could produce higher quality thc/cvs/terpenoids and so on until I opened my mouth and it made me go read about what I had just stepped into.

That being said I’d still recommend the 260xl rspec over the other for people trying to grow. Cost efficient and you’ll grow a quality product with just that light, when you want to improve add the uva


tight fit. I believe the XL is 35"

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Curious about the Budget LED you are replacing. When buying lights I have looked at Budget (it goes by elevated lighting now) and the intrigued me. I bought HLG


This was my understanding, especially after a long convo with Nicky & Dbrn. Seemed worthwhile to get supplemental UVA to go in a dedicated flowering tent. Wondering if I’ll be able to spring for one before my first girls are totally done.

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The Budget led is fine but I believe @dbrn32 had mentioned that their lights were not on PAR :rofl: with HLG as far as output and efficiency. I also have a Meiju 260w from Alibaba that is actually brighter than the Budget light with better dimming capability. I figured i’d give the HLG a try for my next run and also have a set of back up lights if I ever need. A side note for anyone using a 4x4 tent, when I emailed HLG about the 600Rspec vs two 260XL lights they responded that two 260’s are better in a 4x4 due having better heat dissipation the 600 doesn’t have the same heat sink as the 260 and the driver on the 600 is not removable from what I know so that means you can’t move it to outside the tent for heat control.


Thanks @vincy and all who helped me pick out a light. I have made my purchase and should have all parts tomorrow. Standby for questions on putting it together. :upside_down_face:

October 2, 2021
Washington DC


it is okay, so happy to hear that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I got a DIY and put it together, no problem, accept the two tiny clips I broke on the LED boards. How can I make the wires stay put?
Now I am going to modify the light by moving the driver away from the plants to control the heat. I am not feeling do confident about this next part.

Uh oh…. I Would not be able to tell you how to fix that. That stinks.

Does the board not have an alternate set of clips on the other side of the boards? I got some crap stuck in one of my clips but you can extend out your wiring and pop a solid cord wire into the opposite side board clips.

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Should be able to take boards back off rotate and use clips on opposite sides as stated above✌️

Can prob solder them on.
Oh and hlg 320xl rspec is a pretty awesome light for the price!