Ready or wait a bit longer?

Hello, are these ready yet or not? I don’t have any optics to check the trichomes on my plants so I am judging by pistils…

It seems to me that I should wait?

Thanks for advice

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My brain is fuzzy today. @raustin is great when it comes to reading plants. She should be here shortly :grin:


No, it’s not ready yet. You’ve got a few more weeks to go.


Thanks, wow, 3 more weeks… I thought maybe a few days…lol…impatient

I’m getting a Carson microscope, heard they are good for that.

Thanks both for replying.

Once the pistils all turn dark and shrivel up, it’s time to check the trichomes with your microscope.


Thank you :blush:, will do

Need help! Almost overnight, some (mostly yellow) leaves developed dark spots .

I have a fair amount of leaves turning yellow, I guess as expected, but this really freaked me out. Is it leaf septoria or calcium deficiency or something else?
I picked the worst looking leaves


The plant could be eating itself because it’s near the end. Or, you could have a mold issue. Look very close at the points where the leaves came off (especially if they were near some buds) to make sure it’s not mold. if there’s no mold present then don’t worry. It’s just the end cycle.

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If you’re very close to harvest then it doesn’t matter, she’s just eating herself.


Thank you guys, will check this thoroughly.
Actually the Durban Poison is ready to be harvested, Super Silver is about a week late.

I have basically the same question. Are my plants ready to harvest. They are Acapulco Gold, outside here is S. Fl.

IMG_0010 IMG_0015

Can you help with mine?