Ready or not? Should i chop?

What you think?


What percent of pistils are brown?
Is this a lower flower, or upper flower?
Has she swelled yet?
How many weeks of flowering time has she went through, and what are the breeders recommendations?
Overall picture of the plant?

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Been flowering since late August. I know it seems early but i was going by the trichomes color.

This is the last time i ever do not use autoflowers. On a normal year these plants would likely be frozen by now. Were lucky this year is a record year for sunny weather and drought.

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You have a good few weeks left given the amount of white hairs. She will fatten up a lot for you. Nice colors showing also!

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It still has another 2 weeks to go, It still has Milky looking crystals on it. General rule is when you think it’s ready wait 2 weeks. It’s always best to wait even though people think that you will get a Couch lock high. But throughout all the years that I grown I like that. The stronger it gets the more it sedates me the less I have the smoke. The more money I save. So it’s best to wait to hit all terms about 80% Orange hairs and when it’s not milky white anymore. The last 2 weeks weeps flush and the last 3 days of the plant before you pick do not water it water that The plant will think it will die so it will create a good spurt of resin at the very end.

Ok maybe i am confused but it thought milky tricomes were what you wanted not clear?

Seems Isaac was referring to pistils rather than trichomes.

Ok thanks fellas. I know last year i grew some autoflower that a friend gave me as seedlings about 4 inches tall and i chopped them at about this stage and 2 puffs and i am flying for 3 hours. I dont smoke much so thats probably one reason. Last year all my plants were cut and dry by this time of year. I will leave these as long as weather permits i guess.
Does freezing damage the buds or at this stage should i just cut them if a big frost is going to hit?

That. :+1: