Ready or not..... need your opinion

I’m not exactly sure on how many weeks in I am. First grow, so deciding when it actually flowered not sure. But I’ve heard even with autos. Can’t go off of weekly schedule. But to watch trichomes. Other ilgm members Have confirmed this for me. So just keeping close watch, Update occasionally and check in with these cats during my evening burn.

Love this hobby.

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Yeah, the reason I ask is because some folks say to not even bother checking trichomes til all the pistils turn. If I followed that advice I’d almost always end up with couch lock buds, which isn’t my goal. I start checking trichomes around the 6 week mark (I count from when the pistil hedgehog happens/when the “buttons” form).

You’re being given good advice to watch the trics and nothing else - it’s the governing factor for THC at the end of the day :+1: