Ready or not? And the survey says!


First plant is an ILGM gold leaf, middle is a Cali Dream( not from ilgm) 3rd is an iglm bubble gum strain.


Close up gold leaf


Cali dream




Wow, your plants look great!:+1: Have you looked at your trichomes? It sure looks like you are getting close.


Looking beautiful! I love how you planted them all lined up against the house, makes for lovely landscaping.


Hi Merlin,
Thanks brother!
No amber trics yet lots of cloudy, smell is insane!
These were started in tent. Sprout 6jan, transplanted to fabric pots on 12jan. Had to move out side because I out grew tent and had a mite infestation and couldn’t control in tent.
So how long will it take for trics to amber up, and can that process be speeded up?
Any and all advice is appreciated. This is my first real grow in like 20 years, don’t want to waste efforts to date by chopping too soon.


Here is other side of house :shushing_face:


Id say your close but not there just yet
Lots of white pistols still
But a close up on you tricombes will always tell tou when tour ready any time after they all go milky amount of amber depends on how much couch lock you looking for and
Clear is bad lol


Both sides of the house look great ! @FlaNinja


This is close up of gold leaf, ty for the close up advice forgot I had a macro lens, so I see some ambers here…yea! Gonna switch this one to just water, no more nutes, see what next week brings, then reacccess. This plant is about 70 days old, but with the moon flip to waxing I am seeing more new growth at some tops. BTW I love your green houses, can’t wait to see them fill up…:wink:
TYVM for advice…:vulcan_salute: live long and prosper :grinning: