Ready for transition

This is my white widow fem, 36 days in veg. Do you think shes ready for transition


She looks very healthy to me. Very good work with LST. Switching over to Flower is completely acceptable at this point. It depends on your growth space, and how much more time and power you want to sink into her. Generally more veg time = larger yield.

she looks ready to me…gets too much bigger and you might have to think about another transplant before flowering, lol… beautiful plant man you have done well with her.

@Aquaponic_Dumme So what kind of time do you recommend. This is my second grow my first was a unknown strain given to me which turned out to be a male. This white Widow came straight from ILGM., so i trying to get a good yield.I’m growing under CFL’s.


Generally, plants double in size, after Flower, depending on experience and strain. You’ll have to do some of your own testing to figure out the timing vs height.

Remind me, are these auto or non-auto seeds?

@Aquaponic_Dumme These are not auto and i don’t what you mean by photo

Sorry about that @fella1451.

Non-auto/Photo or photo sensitive seeds, meaning hormones in the leaf that detect a change in the photo period, of less light, normally 12/12, to trigger flower.

Sometimes I come up with nick names for things and take for granted. It’s a bad habbit. Hopefully this clears it up :slight_smile:

Flowering depends on space , but yes they are perfect for the transition from veg to flowering , now you do know it’s gone to stretch massively to about 4 1/2 feet if not taller , but I see you attempted to tie her down except you didn’t spread her open enough maybe lack of experience , but move your tie straps higher to bend them branches down and spreaded open more , not only it helps control height and stretching but it also allows more light through the canopy of the plant . Now don’t panic but you would really want to tie her down more before the flip , but don’t worry she stretched out and look flat , cause after the switch during transition her branches will turn upward to grow into the lights and creat a bend are curve in the branch which really helps build big massive cola tops , I’ll post a picture of what I’m referencing you to do on spreading it open more to increase your yield wieght .

@yoshi I took your advice and did some LST <but now I’ve notice some leaves with brown tips. I took the first set of pictures 3 days ago and it wasn’t like that. I fed it the same day. I’m using flora grow 3 part system, aggressive veg stage with 1 tspn of calimagic. My ph level of my nutrients was 6.4 and i checked my run off and that was 6.4Iwas going toi feed today but i figured i would wait and see what opinion i get about the leave situation. My first picture is what she look like after i lst, the next 2 is of the leaves.


Did you say your PH was 6.4 and that’s in vegging going into flowering ? Have you started giving flower nutrients from vegging ? Are you transitioning your nutrients properly in sequence are you just switched from vegging to flowering instantly ? That could be your issues , now you can flush the plant with 3 times of Ph water of the pot size .Than let it dry normally , but I cannot tell you how to measure your nutrients cause I do not know your feeding schedule , but I can give you an example on transitioning …say your feeding 1 ml of grow nutrients per gallon and you going into flowering , right after you switch your lights to start flowering , the first week for your feeding should be 1 ml of grow and 2.5 ml of flowering nutrients . Than next feeding should be 7.5 ml and .5 ml of bloom , than .5 ml of grow and 7.5 ml of bloom , than 2.5 ml of grow and 1 ml of bloom , and than no grow and only 1 ml of bloom , by this time you are now finished pre-flowering and now in full flower for 6 weeks than your flush . But the brown spots can be a potassium or phosphorous defiency starting cause in case your ph is to high at 6.4 and may need to be more less at 6.0-6.2 , are you did not transition your feeding schedule properly are to soon going from veg to flower . Many beginners make this mistake and don’t understand switching a plant from veg to flower has to be done gradually and not instantly to prevent nutrient lock out and stressing the plant to rapidly . But in plants it has to adapt gradually and it takes about 2-4 weeks to switch from veg to flower , it’s a common mistake even I’ve made re-learning . "im not saying you are unaware are do know , but to give more detail of what I think might be happening from the photos and not knowing exactly what you done up until this point , I can only reference on a possibility , could be wrong but an opinionated guess I’m thinking that might be what’s happening , man I hope this make sense !!!

@yoshi I haven’t switch to transition yet,i’m going to wait until the weekend. So i’m still feeding aggressive veg. which is 2 tsp flora micro, 3 tsp. flora grow, 1tsp flora bloom, 1 tsp calimagic. Also my rh has been staying around 35-40% is that to low or should i try to raise it . If so any suggestions on how to raise it.

I’m not familiar with general hydroponics nutrients , but somewhere one should be lessor than the others . If you in vegging and want to raise humidity you can add humidifier mister are you can raise your humidity with CO2 . I used humidifier and the GroBro CO2 bucket I bought off amazon which requires yeast and sugar . 4 cups of sugar to 4 packs of yeast , stir it it in warm to hot water until it’s mixed thoroughly and make sud bubbles , and let it formate over 7-10 days to release CO2 and it helps raise humidity and plump up your plants growth . Now during this method you cannot over water in organic soil are you can cause g-nats cause the larvae is in the soil but I was told a 1/4 cup of skim milk helps destroy the larvae in the soil so they don’t hatch , this grow I’m trying the skim milk but I have never had a g-nat problem cause my LED panels are super strong and dry out my soil in 2 days .

@yoshi thanks for your help. I’m going to my neighbor thrift store maybe i can find a mister there at a good price. I’m keeping an eye on my plants, but right now it don’t look like it’s getting worse.I’ll let you know.

There is a model called a volcano on Amazon that works , are you can get a cheap Vicks model at Walmart for $20 plus tax maybe , I used a Rainbow model that came with my Rainbow vacuum cleaner system .