Ready for nutes next watering?

Im really trying to get these things dialed in. I started with really high PPM which I took care of today. I installed a RO system. My RO is 124PPM and PH is 10.3. This week is week 4 and will be 4th watering. Should I start nutes? Im in FFHF soil. I noticed just now when I went and checked the plants that the new growth on top is dropping on some of them. Tips of the leaves are darker green and the inner part of the leaf is light green. However, I did just FIM the plants which seem to have the most off appearance.


Maybe another 4 weeks to start nutrients , just keep ph and ppm consistent at 5.8 - 6.0 at 400 - 600ppm !

I thought in soil PH should be around 6.5? How do I bring up PPM? And I should hold off on nutes for 8 weeks total? @yoshi

Depends on your water clarity you using to be honest , its varies from state to state . Nitrogen is better used at the roots at 5.5 -6.0 for foliage growth.
Transition 6.0 - 6.2 , and budding boosters 6.2 - 6.5 that what ive learned !
Nutrients charts are not for week one of the plants age , that week 1 is for when you first start using the nutrients , I dont know why so many get that confused like an Oxymoron to me , but i was one of them to who done it more than twice , lmao !

Thats very interesting about the PH. Ill keep that mind!
I was under the assumption using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil it had enought nuts in it to carry plants for the first 3-4 weeks and then it needed to start being supplemented?


We dont give a one week old baby fried chicken first , milk only right ?

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Looking good in there. I would say that Happy Frog is ready for nutrients at week 4. Have you tested the latest run off TDS? That will tell you what your soil PPMS are, less than 800 it’s time to feed. I keep the veg at 900 and 1000 PPMS during flower :love_you_gesture:


:point_up_2: 100% correct. I’ve grown in all their mediums and The plants start depleting the nutrients around week 4. Week 4-6 for FFOF and Coco Loco :love_you_gesture:

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@OGIncognito thank you! I did not check tunoff last watering and I wish I had. I think Im going to feed my AN at 1/4 dose this next watering to be safe. If they react well I will go up to 1/2 dose the next time. But I will be sure to check runoff PPM this next time!

Good plan. I used the FF trio when I started my 1st grow and switched after that to Jacks 321. The FF trio requires scheduled flushing and if neglected can lead to issues that can affect the plant. I would still mix your nutrients at 900 PPMs for the veg stage and increase that to 1000-1100 for flowering and always to approximately 20% run off to expel those un-used salts and minerals that can cause high run off numbers and the potential to lock out nutrient uptake. I would definitely suggest moving to Jacks on your next grow and tag me if you need any help :love_you_gesture:

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