Ready for harvesting

My garden is ready but I am not sure how to do it and get the best bang. I read about flushing and unsure how to and when. Will someone please explain to me how,when, and why someone should do this


Hey there @Oldcatman
Looks a bit early to me. Can you take a photo of one of the colas for us?
It looks like it could double in harvest weight with some more time as the buds get fatter.
Flushing is easy. Just give plain water for last two weeks or so.


Hi there. I don’t flush at the end. Some do some don’t. You definitely need to let these ladies plump up more. I see white pistils. when they turn amber and recede into bud, then use loupe or usb microscope to check trichs.


Welcome , Community has you covered


I found this pic on the left in a thread you started from last week.
If they still look like this then you need to wait till they look like the one on the right.
I think you have a few weeks left.

The white pistils (hairs) need to dry up and turn brown.


Here’s a pic of a bud on my OG kush plant that has approximately 3 weeks to go. Maybe this will give you an idea on when yours might be ready. As far as flushing goes, once the pistils are mostly dried up, I’d start watering with straight water.


May I ask what you are using for lights?
Sit tight. They need to finish.

Thanks I will try

I am unable to get a closer picture what do you think with what you can see. I see a milky, clear pixel thing

The majority of these white pistils need to turn brown and wither.

Then when those are mostly brown you can look at the trichomes, which are tiny and you will need a 60x magnifier.



An old 1000 w I did not have them on the correct light schedule in the beginning

I can see what you are saying. I will be patient. This help a lot

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I tried to send a picture not sure if you got it. The light is too hot for the room fans running to try and keep it cool enough. It will be ok for the next grow this winter as it is a good heater. Going to get some good led’s for next summer got it a long time ago and just got it set back up (been in storage) I have a grow light in it now but I think my son was using the mercury vapor bulb. Not sure how to use it yet. Thanks for the input