Ready for Harvesting?

This is the top of my first plant ever grown, have been trying to hold off for harvesting. Does this look ready to you? The buds lower down on the plant don’t seem to be quite as far along, would you just take the top off and let the rest continue to grow?


Great looking plant.

I’d say you have a bit longer. Def a week or two. Close inspection of the trichomes with a scope would give the best decision.

If you haven’t, stop feeding and give her a good flush of properly ph’d water.

For future reference one can take the upper part of the plant and leave the lower branches to finish up.


The bet indicator is the trichome development. You’ll want to get a digital microscope; some people have success with a 60x jeweler’s loop.

Once you have those, we’ll talk about viewing the trichomes.


Looks to be a cpl weeks away but get ya a jewelers loupe, check thrics on the bud, depending on the buzz ya want, all cloudy is the best but if ya want a couch lock affect, i do like 40-50% ambers

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Hey man, this little app has really helped me with harvest timing. It’s called higrade.
Check em out. Super easy to use and comes with a cool phone scope with the pro version.
Let me know what you think?
I’ve been using it for several months now. Love it!!!

Hi TyJohn. I have tried to download this app but have had no success.