Ready for harvest

Here are some pictures of my white widow 50 days in flowering. I was wondering if it is ready for harvesting


Looking good. I’d say a bit longer. Any pics of the trichromes close up?

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You need a magnifier to see if she’s have amber… It’s hard to tell if she is ready.

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Some pistils are still white so she still has longer until ripe

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@fella1451 I’m very new to this site but not a new farmer. That being said the amount of knowledge here is astounding. I would follow the advice given and wait to harvest
Also if you don’t have a quality magnifying glass you should invest in one.

I have this one, it’s a very nice glass for small cash outlay

Your plants are barely starting to flower… :wink:
I would say 4 to 5 week’s flower so far … so I would say 5 to 7 more weeks to go… :wink:
Patience is key when enjoying this Hobby… :wink:

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This is, as close as i can get


It’s not enough… You need to see something like this to know if she’s ready…

My magnifier is to powerful 200x-240x and it’s very difficulty to make a picture or to see something…