Ready for harvest soon?

Hello all,

due to some poor space management o can’t really get good access to my auto in the back. Do you guys/gals think it looks done? I think it may need another week.

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Are you checking the trichomes? I still see some white pistils on this bud, so I would say no, it’s not ready, but I’d like to see more pics especially if trichs.

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I can’t get good access to it since it’s in the back. No chance of looking through my hand lens at the trichs. I attached best pic I could get (which still isn’t great)

My first attempt at scrog in the front

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I see some clear trichs and not one amber, so you’ve still got some time with her. How long has she been in flower?

Thanks raustin. It’s been about 5-6 weeks in flower. What percent amber would you say? I’ve seen people say harvest all cloudy. Harvest cloudy with some amber. Even cloudy with some clear.

If she’s only 4-5 weeks in flower then you’ve got possibly another 4 weeks to go, patients, grasshopper.

When to harvest is really a matter of personal preference, and what kind of high you’re looking for. Clear trichs are not mature and contain little THC, cloudy is perfect and what you want to see most of, it will give you a good daytime high. Once they turn amber the THC is degraded and will produce a couch-lock high.

Personally, I harvest when I see mostly cloudy with about 10% amber.


Awesome, thanks a lot for the info raustin. I was getting a little antsy

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Lol, yes, just relax and enjoy your grow. She’s going to make you some big buds over the next few weeks.