Ready for harvest? In week 9 of flowering

Good day! Looking for advice on whether this girl is ready or not. I am in week 9 of flowering. I stopped nutes a few days ago and just did a flush.

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The second picture looks like you still have several weeks. How long since you first saw bud sites?


Some are milky so if you’re looking for head energy high, looks close, if you want couch lock let trichomes get amber

You’ve got some time still. A lot of clear. I see a little amber but that looks like a sugar leaf.


Yup I’d keep feeding her. Gonna be some MONSTER sized colas. Still looks like she got a good swell left. :drooling_face: im jealous.

Also try to check only buds. No sugar leaves. False readings there. We smoke buds not leaves… well most of us


Thx for the input all. I actually started week 10 today. It is a LSD sativa strain from iglm. I can try to get more pictures if that helps of bud trichomes. Looking for a head high, not couch lock.

Lots of white pistils, I harvested my SLH for a speedy buzz. All pistils where receding, half dark half oj. Almost too speedy for my expectations.


Looks like others have said, you still have lots of white hairs meaning your still couple weeks out.

OK, this is a DIFFERENT PLANT of mine then above, didnt want to start a new identical thread with the same line of questioning. This plant is on week 10 of flowering. I believe this plant is ready. Like to know your all input!

These are definitely of buds and still clear. I see amber everywhere but the green under it screams sugar leaves. Try to avoid the leaves if possible

Mist these pictures were taken from the top of the bud down. This particular plant does have alot of sugar leaves. So give it more time?

You still have a ways to go, 90% of those trichromes are still clear. Don’t pay attention to what week as much as how the trichromes look. Depending on what effect you desire in your stone will determine what percentage of amber trichromes you will wait for. I like about 25%