Ready for harvest? help please


these are the best pictures I can get. I bought a magnifier for my phone but I cant see anything thru it.

i do see a few amber trichomes.




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i think maybe some more time, it will depend on how you want your smoke though. want light or heavy?


dont want couch lock that is for sure


harvest when most of the tricombs…little balls are cloudy (white) then. not clear and not amber(brown). I am still seeing alot of clear in there.


Kinda hard to tell from the photos, but I see some amber in the first one. I would give her a few more days then bring her down.


Best way to be sure is checking them under some natural light because the led makes the smoky triches look amber imo. Goodluck they sure do look frosty


I’m with everyone else: natural light is the only way.

Give us a shot of the whole bud as well. Pistils are in what state?


pistols on some plants are red and brown, other plants they are still white



I think you have more time to go, but natural light closeup would be great.



This one has quite a way to go. All of those white pistils are actively growing flowers and they need time to bulk up. Your buds will be 80% amber or red pistils minimum and the colas will start to get “lumpy” for want of a better word.


this is the one that we are thinking is almost ready. Time to flush? time to split stem?

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Yes this one is a little farther along. Generally you want 90-100 % of the pistols burnt back and receded and is also a good indicator to start checking trichomes. Id say give her a week to 2 weeks more, unless the trichs are where u want them. Looking very good and can see some great purple hues