Ready For Harvest? GSC Extreme Auto

Day 85… started flushing with Flora Kleen (2tsp/gal) on Day 83… thinking I have a few days left I’m hoping. Opinions?


Seeing a little mixed messaging in the pics.
Trichomes are cloudy at best, I don’t see any amber so you could go a bit longer.
Also seeing a lot of light/white pistils but at the same time there is some “foxtailing” going on.
If not for the foxtails saying it is mature, I would try to let the buds fatten up more.


I have seen a few amber trichomes - but only a few here and there - just couldn’t get any good pictures. This has been a crazy grow (only my 2nd). I’m growing for a family member going through chemo and am mainly growing for them. Let’s just say it’s not been an ideal situation.

Healthy looking girl. Sorry for your situation and kudos on helping out this way. May God grant healing and comfort.

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A little early with all those white pistils still hanging around.


I thought the same thing with with white pistils, but this is only my 2nd grow and I’ve never done this strain before and was wondering if that was maybe normal. My first was a White Widow auto and I remember she went really quick once I started seeing a few amber trichs… and I’m really not looking to end up with sleep medicine.

I’m in coco, so am I fine to continue flushing or should I still be trying to feed her. Had been using Bergman’s Plant Food the entire grow.

Growing mainly for pain & nausea relief.

You are getting close. Maybe a week or two. I don’t
like couch lock either so I stay with Sativas. But you got to atay on top if them as they can go from 0 to Mach 3 over night.

@moonchild420 A good strain for pain control is G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD. I won’t recommend SCB CBD aka Super Critical Bud CBD would rock your world. Others can attest to her strength. :+1::+1::+1:


I went with a indica heavy strain as it seems what is called for when making Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Once these finish up, I’m thinking perhaps trying ILGM’s Northern Lights Auto next.

A few more pics from this afternoon… starting to notice a bit more amber now. PPM out is at about 250 which is what my tap runs - and I’m noticing the plants are starting to pale/yellow a slight bit. Still a good amount of white pistils though.

So the harvest is done. Into the drying room.


Nice haul, I hope it brings some relief.

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Made some peanut butter cookies with my White Widow, and was told it helped, so hoping the GSCE does as well! It feels good to be able to help!

Northern Lights are up next now that the tent is empty again.

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With all the new strains and me being a new farmer it’s hard to figure out the next grow. But I gotta say I really, really wanna do a northern lights grow. To me nl is an old school strain and I’m an old School dude so it makes sense

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And it’s curing. Now the wait begins.

And the totals are in…

8.5oz good quality
3.9oz mid-smalls
12.4oz total