Ready for harvest? First plant ever - Durban Poison

hi all.

I have an outdoor photoperiod Durban Poison here near the end, I think. Here are some pics.

My completely clueless amateur guess is that they are close but not quite ready. Lots of milky trichomes (with a few clear, I think, too?), a fair amount of brown pistils (but still quite a few white), but mostly or all the amber trichomes are just on non-bud parts so far.

Any advice would be very helpful :slight_smile:


You’re getting close. Couple more weeks maybe, look for those last pistils to turn brown, and when those turn brown, keep checking Trichomes, and they should change to white. Might be a few milky, but should be very few clear.


I grew a DP some time ago and she hermied on me. I let her finish and made hash out of her.

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Lovely color😍 your guess is right follow the advice above and you’ll get best results…

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Appreciate it everyone! Hanging in there, then :slight_smile:

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feel like I should go ahead and put in 48hr harkness them cut, what do you think? Tricomes on buds are confusing me after looking daily, I’m seeing every color at this point. It’s my 1st grow. Wedding cake auto from ilgm. Week10 in 2days. Mars hydro FC3000 light. 3 gal pots. FFOF soil. Dr.Earth top dressing (last done 4weeks ago) plain dechlorinated ph watering.


They look mostly clear to me. A loupe will give you certainty about their color…

This flower (fruit) it’s not ready , it’s needs to ripen and fill up more , you’ll be loosing potency and yield if you chop this soon

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Lookin good anyways , if mine was as colorful I would be anxious to chop it down too

Thanks for the feedback! I’m not looking for the couch lock feel. And going for quality over quantity. I’ll post them again in another week