Ready for harvest but bud doesn't smell like bud

I have some amber trichomes all over my og kush feminized plants. 4 of em. But my buds have little to no smell. I thought this stuff should be wreaking like bud by now… any idea what’s going on? Is this normal? Will the curing process help this?

There’s plenty of members here that are more experienced than me but I’ll give you my two cents. Ive got a couple of grows under my belt now and I’ve experienced the same thing with some GG autos. They had no smell. Thats until I harvested, dried and cured. After that they developed some but wasnt strong. Even though there wasn’t much smell they were extremely potent. Ive read in the forum that your growing conditions can affect the smell. I believe it May be something to do with ventilation.

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Thanks for the feedback

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Alot more info is needed. A pic or two of your plant, the trichomes, and info about how far along you are and what kind of environment you have going.

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OG Kush is predominantly limonene and pinene terpines and should smell of citrus and pine. Many times a you won’t be able to get the proper taste and smell until the dry and cure is done.


I had blueberry last grow and had very little smell. Until you touched it.

Are the amber trichomes your seeing on sugar leaves or bud itself? Sugar leaf trichomes mature faster so you could be less far along then your thinking which would explain the smell, or lack there of.
You may have known that already, if so, just pretend I said something useful like…good luck on your harvest!

Yes!, also the drying conditions, and storage during/after cure.