Ready for Chop, or needs a few more weeks?

Hey everyone!

I’m a little conflicted as to whether this plant is ready for chop. She is a little over four months old and hasn’t grown much in the last two weeks. Any opinions are appreciated!!


Looks like the trichomes are cloudy to clear from what I could see. Also, seems to be the sugar leaf and not the actual bud. Do you have any other magnifying device (not for pictures) which you use to look at the trichomes on the buds? I would hate for you to harvest too early after bringing her this far.

You can also harvest in stages; the upper ones usually advance faster than the lower ones.

Best of luck. :+1:

Thank you for the advice!! I’m going to order a jeweler’s loupe and try to be patient in the mean time :smile:

That’s a gorgeous plant. I still see plenty of clear.


Does look close, but not yet. Get loupe and check the Bud. But it does look nice!

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Definitely gonna wait on the chop—thank you!!!

Just ordered one! Thank you for the suggestion :grinning: :grinning:

dollar store magnifying glass works. plant is near max, she did you proud…let trichomes on the buds be your harvest timer

@Jgrow12 That is one mighty fine plant!.. :sunglasses:

I’m just finishing-up my 1st grow, but those trichomes didn’t look too terribly cloudy to me. I’m sure others have more expertise…

What strain?.. I just chopped my Autos at exactly 12 weeks old. They hadn’t grown much either.

4 more weeks maybe