Ready enough?got mites

Take a look at the try combs, I’m going to have to harvest very soon I have spider mites I’ve got off a few little buds here and there, and there’s a few on each one so I imagine they’re only going to get worse any of you think that I might make it two more weeks so I can do a good flush? Or is it best just to do it now? Also are they going to go next door into my other tent and invade my white widow ladies? Yeah I know good encyclopedia lotta freaking questions

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I dont know how to fight them so I would panic harvest the whole thing and dump it in h202 and dry it out and decarb it for tincture then concentrate to extract and add to chocolate chip fudge brownies but that’s just me.:sunglasses:

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can you get a clearer shot of the thrichomes on your buds? whole plant, too?

not sure what kind of a jungle you have but you can try to wipe the leaves down with a little soap and water. and as mentioned wash your buds after harvest.

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I had spider mites, i just kept spraying with peroxide and water mix, and captain jacks, did a trim and a good wash at harvest

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Since you’re in flower, my (not an expert) advice is to use biological controls on both your tents.

From UConn:

  • Predatory mites, predatory midges and predatory beetles can all be used in a biological control program. Different species of predatory mites ( Phytoseiulus persimilis), Neoseiulus (Amblyseius californicus, Amblyseius andersonii, Galendromus occidentalis, Mesoseiulus longipes, Neoseiulus (Amblyseius) fallacis are each adapted to different environmental conditions (temperature and relative humidity levels). A predatory midge ( Feltiella acarisuga) and a predatory ladybeetle ( Stethorus punctillum ) are also commercially available.*

IMP from UConn

I don’t see webbing, so you can probably get away with one staged-release card of predatory insects per tent. Going forward you might consider IPM as an ongoing preventative measure. Low maintenance companion plants, good hygiene, and predatory insects are all good investments.

I used Dr. Zymes for my spider mite issue and haven’t had a problem since. One quart bottle makes 8 gallons of solution.