Ready? Any thoughts

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I have an idea, looking for input.

Thanks in advance you have all been very informative and i have learned so much


Still see alot of clear trichs I say you still got time

I see the clear, but she looks ready. I like them this way.


Now the kicker no new white hairs so to speak of mostly brown and she isnt 6 weeks yet, has anyone ever heard of this?

Sometimes they finish early.


First for my many grows well 4 grows lmao, i do like to harvest satva’s early and indica late but only because of the many hours of reading and watching everything i could and taking advice i hope to continue to improve.

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I think its your call at this point, depending on what effects you like. Especially with no new pistils on the buds.

Go find my post about this. It explains it all.
But basically, get a jewelers loupe with an led light and 60× zoom. Then look st the tricchomes, aka Crystal’s, clear isn’t ready. White is ready and a sativa like high. Amber is ready and an indica like high. Mixed would be a hybrid type high.
@Covertgrower how many times a day do you answer this question? Lol.

As many times as anyone posts it. I’ll answer it again next time someone posts it. I gladly accept that.


Oh I know. I was just joking around. I bet it’s gotta be the most asked thing on here. Lol.

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Im betting it is, i was more interested because its not been in flower for only 5 weeks and now 5 days.
Sorry no info on strain it was given to me only as female. Thanks

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