Reading the trichomes


Help me out here, please. Look at the following pics and tell me what you see for clear/cloudy. The plants aren’t really close to harvest but the humidity and occasional mold are probably going to force an early harvest. This is a Hash Plant 9another vendor), outdoors and about 6’ tall by 5’ across.

Thanks for any thoughts. Looking at trichomes is kind of a new trick for me. These are macro pics from my digital camera. You’ll need to download them and enlarge.


If you upload one picture per post, we can enlarge them more then posting two or more.


Here’s one …


And the other. Thanks!


How long she been flowering?

They appear to be getting milky…I’m seeing some clear ones too…


@Big123 - I think I started seeing pistils in early August. It’s really started to thicken up the last coupe weeks. I won’t be too happy if they don’t at least double from where they are.

Thanks for your read!


Im with @Big123 they do appear to be milky and definitely not ready to harvest
When your pistols are around 70-80 % red or brown I would check tricombes for proper color range that your looking for
I usually start inspections are 60-% red or brown pistols
Do you have a jewelers loop or pocket microscope?
If not get on 20x or betterbest way to see the tricombes imo
Just a FYI


She’s looking good, well done :+1:


Thanks, @Countryboyjvd1971 and @Big123 I was seeing partly milky, too, but trichome reading is a new trick for me. I appreciate the confirmation.

No jewelers loupe or anything better than the camera. I probably won’t get one any time soon.

I really want to get 2 more weeks, minimum, 3 or 4 would be great. These buds really need to thicken up. But mold and declining Maine weather may force my hand.


they look like at least 2 more weeks to me @PhantomFarmer


I may not get 2 more weeks … I pulled a few more moldy buds off today, about the size of my fist.

I hit it hard today with Neem oil spray with hydrogen peroxide added for good measure. The humidity is climbing again and temps are on the rise …


Outside grower myself and also stealth. I’m wondering how close other plants or real weeds are around your ladies cutting off air flow. My grow partner and I hacked down as much surrounding growth and it seemed to benefit our gals. Just a thought :thought_balloon:


@SmoknGranny Well, on 2 sides it’s up against other plants. The other sides are open. Any amount of weeds, etc start about 15 feet away.

I set my plants out on 4’ centers, thinking that would be plenty. The damn things exploded, crowding each other out big time. Next year, 10’ centers at least!

I’m sure the crowding is contributing to my woes.


Yep. I kinda had a feeling that might be part of your problem. I’m no expert by any definition but I know from growing other plants and trees that air flow and space can be a factor for healthy plants. I’m dealing with a runaway watermelon vine that took over my ALL of my veggie garden now :rofl:
Our ladies in pots with 6’ centers overall did well but we really had to go after the weeds this year. Sadly we need the dang weeds for stealth. I’m wishing you the best of luck with your outcome. One lesson down and many more to come with each grow :+1:


Well, I cut it today. Trichomes were milky so it should be somewhat effective. There was more mold this morning so I made the call.

I creates more space for it’s neighbor, a Northern Light, that hasn’t been too badly affected. Maybe I can buy that one a couple more weeks…


Yep. Sounds like you had a losing battle. Hopefully things will improve for the NL. Growing anything is a constant learning experience :blush:
To brighten up your day


Serious thinning. Your last couple of weeks? I’d consider lollipopping the bejasus out of your plants and set up a high intensity fan for outside.

Also, saw I think @Hogmaster recommend 2 tsp per gallon of baking soda sprayed on the plant.

I had to make the chop last week myself between caterpillars and bud rot.


I’m not upset. I know expanding my outdoor activities would be full of uncertainty. We can have 12 flowering plants (2 adults). While I knew they could easily produce a pound each, I knew it’d take a lot of good fortune to get there. I set a modest target of 2 pounds dry. Before today’s harvest, I’d already exceeded that.

So, I consider the season a success and learned a lot.

And, really, what rational person needs 2 pounds of marijuana? Luckily in my state, it’s permissible to gift 2.5 ounces. Xmas is around the corner …


That’s what this is all about … learning and growing and appreciating what ever we harvest :blush: It’s a bonus having great people to share with. :smiley_cat:


I grow pounds of it and give most of it away. Share the love.