Reading the meter

I just received my new tds ph tester im old school Been using liquid solution ph tester and have ever checked the tds or conductive just kinda looking for some positive guidence@meeasy

Hi again @Scattered I don’t remember what you are growing in. Soil, coco, hydro there’s different reasons for checking ppm

It’s about 20%composted soil 20% garden dirt 30% peat 30%perlite

That sounds like some good soil and every time you water it to runoff you are washing away all the goodies in it. That’s why I don’t like the water to runoff just to find out dirty water comes out. I never checked my runoff unless there’s a problem. I would check the water going into it though especially if you are using liquid nutes.
Tap water should be below 400 if not it can really get high when you add nutes there’s ways to bring it down like filters, distillation, and more
I don’t have hard water so I don’t know alot about the problems it causes
They actually make special nutes for hard water I know this only because I saw some lol

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I’ve gone to a living soil that I top dress dry amendments, I have a filter on a hose in an unused tub in my house and I water straight from the hose. I say I never have to check my ph or anything but I do actually dip my meters in my water once a month or so just to make sure my water co. didn’t screw something up

So I use fox farm but I added flower fuel to it the tds checked before 440 / run off was 1500 ph was 6.0 before 7.0 run off do to my soil.dry is like 7.3 looks like I’m stumped agian I can’t wait for these last 8 to bud and be on to the next I am just bafdeled by how small they are I think your right the light will bud plants but there is way to many plants pulling fro. The same light right lol

Because according to my journal man these bitxhes should be pumping 0zs monthly and could5n’t pay the light bill :sob:

What do you have for lights? I’m sure you told me but I have crs Can’t Remember Shlt lol

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Phlizon 1200w 305 adv true watt and a wolf 1000w 75w true in a 2/4/5/ tent

I mean sometimes I get to moving shit around second quessing my self sometime they get over loved but I have grown nice dense buds just no gerth if you know what I mean

How high are your lights, I took a peek at the big one it says 24 for veg

I mean. I just found the spot with the lights about 20" from top plant and the temp might somenights drop to 68 °but it’s cold

That’s what I mean bro they are six weeks into flower and only a foot tall tops stretched out

That picture sparked my memory lol you should be running your lights at 18"

68 is good for flower where is your rh?

It will cause that much of a change wow man should I just go hid or what

Flowering that late in the game says around 36-45%

It does make a difference, I run my lights at 15" during flower