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I’m polling my fellow ILGM board members about which strain would they recommend a first time grower. Love sativa. Indoor tent grow in soil.
Thank you all for your advice.

I went with white widow auto. Let’s you learn how to take care of the plant, you don’t have to worry so much about getting the photoperiod correct, and eliminating light leaks


agreed thats why i went with autos at first. there are some disparaging comments from those die hard growers about growing tiny plants with autos. but i dont need 10zips per plants. i have a small tent and a light that fits. if i had a large 7 foot tall tent then sure.

im moving to photos for my next grow because i want to have a well developed mainline radial spoke pattern


and i want to have a sog clone army

White widow or Northern lights Great for beginners, fast and nice buds!

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I have grown a few strains but Gold leaf seems to be the easiest. You can make mistakes and this strain is very forgiving


What is runoff? I see a lot of people like the WW autos. Is there much difference raising an auto compared to a feminized seed?

I did northern lights photos and was very pleased with the grow and harvest.

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OG Kush was probably my easiest grow, and it’s a versatile smoke. But it’s an indica dominant. For a sativa, Super Silver Haze grew really well for me, though I’ve read it can be difficult sometimes.

I did blue haze first and its my favorite sativa so far still. Such a sticky sweet smelling girl. As for photo vs auto i had never grown anything before and went with feminized photo seeds (not auto) bc i wanted to learn about all the differences between them and do it the hard way. And honestly…its no different (imo). Except u usually get smaller plants with autos because theyre breeded with the ruderalis which is a very small plant. The only difference is you manually change from 18 hours to 12 hours, which i was excited to do amyway to save money. And you can do this switch wheneber you want. In fact some people never switch, they only use 12/12 lighting from thr get go bc the plant wont flower until its ready anyway (usually start around 4 weeksnif done that way). But bonus, if u prefer like i do, you can keep vegging it for longer and flip when u like. And have twice the yield as an auto. (If u have the vertical room)

I recommend blue haze fem photo. Like my dad making me get a standard vehicle first. Preventd u from ever being scared or stranded bc you learned it early

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I will always swear by ILGM Gold Leaf. Harvest when all cloudy tricks. Best smoke ever.

Thanks for your input. I’d rather go with a feminized seed vs an auto if it means the same amount of work. Being a newbie I’m sure I won’t mind giving my girl all the attention she needs. Hope my fiancee doesn’t mind.
About BH. Does it have a lot of odor during growing /harvest? I’d prefer to be as stealth as possible. Although my fiance doesn’t mind my extracurricular activities she doesn’t want to be able to smell it in the house and neither do I

Get a carbon filter, smell be gone!

That’s the 1st thing I’m buying AC Infinity Cloudline T6. I’ve read good reviews

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They are worth the money and they will clean any smell in the room, even cat litter!

Personally i think its the same amount of work. Mainly bc the toughest things on a first grow or two imo are learning what the plant is telling you, hungry, thirsty, deficiencies, etc and youll encounter that with both autos or photos.

Yeah I’ve got a lot to learn and my head is spinning trying to take in all the info.

I have never grown autos, but from what I understand you don’t have as much room to correct errors since the plant has predetermined schedule for flowering. with Photos you can keep in veg as long as you want, and that gives you extra time in case things go sideways. I am thinking about trying autos at some point since I only have one tent. It seems like I could get a staggered grow going this way. Another thing with autos is they can’t be cloned, but as a first grow you won’t be worrying about that yet.

Nice analogy. I was always glad I learned on a standard

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Going to start Gold leaf this winter for an outdoor grow. AK-47 is also quite forgiving

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