Read to harvest?

I know y’all get these questions all the time. I just want to make sure I haven’t at the best time.
My 3rd plant but my first white widow.
What y’all think?

Overall shot and one cola under white light.

Overall shot?
Sorry… I don’t understand what you mean?

Whole plant and one cola photographed in natural or white light.

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Sorry if I’m sounding dumb…
So you are saying “yes” … It’s ready to harvest?

No, he’s saying he needs a picture of the whole plant and also a close up shot of one cola in natural light… so 2 new pictures, both in natural or white light my friend! :nerd_face:

And, nobody’s dumb for asking questions, only dumb thing is not to ask! :nerd_face:

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Gotcha… here you go. Sorry I can’t get better pics

Looking good! Still about another 3 weeks out. Should bulk up nicely in that time too


Wow… 3 weeks still huh?
Does the shape/size of the buds have you thinking that?
Wasn’t sure with white widow… I guess I’ve got about 25% hairs turned brown. The trichomes appear to all be milky white… I have a jewlers loupe showing up today so I’ll get a better look.

I really appreciate y’all’s feedback!

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Yep, as long as she’s pushing white pistils, she’s getting bigger. This is a white widow at about the same stage yours is at

And this was the same plant when she was done


Wow thanks! That’s really helpful!:+1:t2:

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Impressive girl @Bobbydigital! Really nice… :star_struck:

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Thanks man! That plant took my growing virginity.

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That’s super amazing for a “virgin” ! :rofl:

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