Read that it damages plants by pruning early

What damage is caused by cutting leaves in beg stage? I cut all mine that were growing under where a branch is starting to grow out? Can you please tell me what the damage will be for me? I did it to two of my 5 plants.

Pruning unnecessarily causes stress to your plant. Why do you want to chop leaves off your plant Leaves are the heart and soul of your plant.

I thought by cutting the leaves under where a new branch is coming up would put more energy into growing the main heart of the plant. These leaves die off anyway… ?? Do you agree?? I didn’t cut any branch leaves. None at all. Just leaves at bottom of plant under new branches

What was your comment oldgoat

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I think he was going to say it can depend on a bunch of different things. Among a couple of important ones, it could depend on how many other leaves you have left and how you are training the plant overall, as well as what stage of the grow and/or how early it was done, these all might determine whether it will really damage or slow development and growth of your plants.

Which leaves to cut off and when can also be a somewhat controversial subject. As hard as I try, I have yet to see enough reputable studies verifying as to if one way or the other is truly better. And the theory that any damage or trauma to your plant would divert some energy to repairs instead of going to developing new nodes, branches or the buds themselves, makes a lot of sense, yet I see very reputable growers talking about removing nearly all, or all of the leaves that are not directly on the buds themselves, in mid-late flower.

I have not heard of a technique that identified specifically removing leaves at the central meristem that are right under a branch site, please elaborate.

In general the leaves are the lungs, solar panels, and “food storage reserves” of your plants, and I would err on the side of not removing most of them if you don’t have to.

If you have to remove them, it is always best to remove the ones that just don’t get much light or sometimes to keep air flow open and keep stagnant humid air from building up too much in the dense under growth.

Other things you can look into for more information are: low stress training, high stress training/super-cropping, topping, and lollipopping/underschucking.

The leaf in this photo with that I am pointing at which had new growth growing at the base of it at the stem. I am new to this. So to speak being this serious and doing it all right this time Im trying anywyZ.

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I was just going to say it depended on a number of factors. The most important are the size of the plant (number of nodes) and how much you’re going to trim. Every leaf has a job, even the old yellow ones near the end of the grow. And although you can find someone on the internet who lollipops and keeps trimming until they have a pretty plant, I prefer function, rather than form.


Ok thank you for your opinion. I have posted a couple of other questions with photos concerning my crop. Ya may have help there. Thanks.

No! I do not agree. Leaves store nutrients, and help to bring the nutrients to the buds. They breathe for the plant. When they die off; It is at the end of the grow when the plant has drawn all the stored nutrients from the leaves, and in turn they yellow and fall off.

One other thing. When you remove healthy fan leaves, the plant uses more energy to repair itself. This slows down production.

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Last night I had a power black out for half an hour to an hour. This turned my lights off. What damage will have this caused. Should I pull em and start again so I am not wasting good growing time or should I let them go??

No don’t pull them…just get them back on track///they will be fine


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Yeah, a short outage of the day period is not a big deal. Just don’t interrupt the dark period with light during the flowering period.

I kind of like to think of it this way, there are clouds and even a solar eclipse here or there during the day in nature and the cannabis probably barely even notices, lol.


It might even make them stronger.