Reach for the sun

Just got my first two seedlings ever. Ive read without proper light they will reach for it and wind up toppleing over. Mine sprouted three days ago and both are roughly 3 to 4 inches tall. Im growing them by sunlight in a very open room. Im just scared they will die, also, will a pencil tied to the stem or anything of the sort help?

I wouldn’t do anything like that unless you see a problem or are training it to grow a certain way

Yes you can support your plant. Though if they are stretching you should try and address the cause not just the symptoms even buying a couple daylight CFL bulbs and suspending them above plant 4-5 inch away would help to prevent the stretch they are an everyday light bulb and not high energy consumers.

If you aim to grow it is a commitment you will have to except some expenses and requirements in order to get decent yield and healthy plants :slight_smile:


Another question, if I wanted to grow my plant horizontally where and when do you tie it down? Also how drastic of a bend can I do?

One of the most important things to do is having a GENTLE breeze hitting your plants most of the time. The swaying back and forth will strengthen the stalks and hopefully stop them from breaking.

If this is your first grow, I would HIGHLY (no pun intended) recommend downloading Robert’s free e-book on growing. It is on the website and has a lot of excellent information on growing. I think that most of us here have used the book at least during the first several grows as well as talking to people on the website. Good Luck with your grow.


as TxGrowman said a little more homework may be needed on your part you can train your plant but far too early for that look into LST